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ABN for Auto Dealership Digital Signage

ABN for Auto Dealership Digital Signage
  • Many automotive dealership customers have seen digital signage in dealership showrooms and waiting areas, like ABN Video Walls and Dealer TV, but the latest feature launched by The Automotive Broadcasting Network is allowing dealerships to communicate directly with individual customers in both the sales and service areas of the dealership. The new feature is called ABN Now and the primary objective is to improve the customer’s buying experience by creating a “moment of wow.”
  • In the age of the modern consumer, a lot of marketing discussions focus on engaging the customer and improving the customer experience.

When prospects enter your dealership, you want them to be emotionally engaged with your brand. Using automotive digital signage, your messages will become a unified and visceral experience for your prospects. Furthermore, using ABN Now will allow your staff to create personalized experiences for individual customers by using a smartphone app to add content to the dealership’s digital signage displays.What is ABN Now?
ABN Now is an interactive multi-media experience focusing on engaging the customer and creating a memorable buying experience.

How does ABN Now work?

When a customer takes delivery of their new vehicle, the salesperson takes a photo of the customer in front of the newly purchased car and then uploads the photo to the ABN Now smartphone app. The picture is integrated into a video that is shown simultaneously on all screens in the dealership, creating a “moment of wow” for the consumer. At the same time, the content is automatically posted to the dealership’s fan page and an email is sent to the customer containing the photo and various social media call-to-actions allowing them to easily share the photo via Facebook, Twitter and email. This allows ABN Now to not only improve the customer buying experience, but also to encourage the buyer to become a brand advocate for your dealership by sharing their purchase on social media sites.

What are the benefits of ABN Now?

Today’s digitally savvy consumer expects automotive digital signage to be informative, dynamic and visually appealing, but ABN Now exceeds customer expectations by creating a personalized digital signage interaction. Creating a “moment of wow” and delivering the most satisfying customer experience is one of the few ways dealerships can truly differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty.

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