New Products: Spring 2012

New Products: Spring 2012

Crimson Flex-Wall System

The Crimson Flex-Wall is an a la carte system which allows for the creation of unique video wall configurations, including concave or convex multi-monitor arrangements, variable angle, and back to back configurations in either landscape or portrait orientation. The Crimson Flexwall system can be mounted either floor-to-ceiling or floorto- wall, depending on need or use. Stacked monitors can be vertically adjusted for perfect placement (without gaps between the bezels), and each monitor can be independently tilted, rotated, and elevated for a unique effect.

Planar Mosaic

Planar Mosaic video wall system provides three flat-panel tiles, including a new square LCD, and features designed specifically for the global architectural wall coverings market. The Planar Mosaic video wall system features LE D backlit displays, consuming less energy than traditional LCD displays. The video tiles boast a slim installation depth of less than four inches (10.16 cm), which is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Delta WX Series

The WX series video wall displays are a complete lineup of high-resolution front projection video walls that provide highresolution images, easy assembly, and minimal maintenance. At the heart of the WX series is the latest in ultra short throw front projection and edge blending technologies. Marrying these two technologies, the WX series eliminates cable clutter and shadow interference. A complete solution, the WX series video walls can be assembled in under an hour, with free-standing options available in two-projector-high configurations and wall-supported options for one projector high configurations.

Premier Mounts MVWC-2X2

This universal mobile video wall cart can accommodate flat-panel displays ranging from 40 inches up to 65 inches. The MVWC-2X2 includes heavy-duty casters, solid bottom skirt and tray to store and protect equipment to drive the displays, and easy to install mounting brackets. With simple and effortless assembly, the mobile cart is ready to have displays attached in 30 minutes or less. Stable bases ensure solid support and provide security and ease of mind when application is in motion, also ensuring displays to remain in place at the optimal viewing level.


ICOMPEL WDS is a centrally manageable platform for wearable digital signage. The WDS players feature a screen no bigger than a nametag, but because they show full-motion, customized video loops, they are designed to attract attention and enhance one-onone sales interaction. In addition to the rechargeable 2.4-inch LCD player tag, the iCOMPEL WDS system includes access to a webbased portal for assembling and customizing video content with special effects, scrolling text, logos, and branding.

AMX Inspired Composer 5.4

The enterprise-scale digital-signage software Inspired Composer 5.4 achieves and simplifies monitoring and managing the digital signage network and creating and managing content. The content tracking and reporting feature can retrieve message play data from one or more players, allowing users to audit message playback. Playback log reports include summary data as well as information about each time a message was played. In Composer 5.4, all changes are highlighted so that a content manager can review and approve the content before it is published to players.

Cables to Go TruLink

TruLink AV over Cat-5 extends VG A and audio signals up to 300 and 500 feet over Cat-5, Cat-5e, or Cat-6 cables without signal degradation. This solution is compatible with any operating system and requires no drivers or software. The transmitter and receiver are available in interchangeable wall plate or box form factors, allowing users to choose the design best suited for the digital signage application. TruLink is currently available in VG A, VG A + 3.5 audio, VG A + 3.5 + RS232, single port, and 4-port. HDMI over Cat-5 utilizing HDbaseT will be available in Summer 2012.

BrightSign TD1012

The BrightSign TD1012 is a freestanding tower that simplifies deployment with its built-in display, and because it doesn’t require a PC, cabling, or wiring. With the portability it provides and its recent price reduction, BrightSign’s TD1012 provides a compelling solution for organizations that want instant digital signage with pristine video and images but have space limitations and/or restricted access to electrical outlets. The TD1012 features an attractive yet durable steel enclosure with a built-in portrait 12.1-inch high-resolution screen, a solid-state media player, and BrightAuthor content management software.

Extron DTP HDMI 301, DVI 301

The Extron DTP HDMI 301 and the DTP DVI 301 are long distance twisted pair extenders. The extenders transmit digital video, embedded audio, and bidirectional RS-232 and IR control signals over a single Cat-5-type cable. The transmitter and receiver sets are capable of extending 1080p/60 deep color and 1,920x1,200 up to 330 feet (100 meters). These features, combined with remote powering capabilities and compact enclosure sizes, allow the DTP HDMI 301 and DTP DVI 301 to provide a cost effective means of extending digital video, multi-channel audio, and bidirectional control signals in space-challenged environments.

Peerless KL540-S, KL546-S

Peerless’ landscape positioned kiosks, the KL 540-S and the KL 546-S are silver in color and designed for 40-inch and 46-inch ultra-thin televisions, respectively. Also offered is the KP555-S, a portrait oriented silver kiosk for 55-inch displays. The KL540-S and KL546- S landscape enclosures are designed to blend with the surrounding environment and complement the customer’s branding efforts. Simple to install, the portrait kiosk enclosure feature a hinged display-mounting arm.

Broadcast International MMS

Broadcast International has integrated Intel Audience Impression Metric (Intel AIM Suite), anonymous viewer analytics (AVA) technology, into the Managed Media Services (MMS) platform. Intel AIM Suite software suite provides anonymous, real time data to generate reports that furnish a clear and, accurate understanding of the overall audience. The data analysis also enhances the opportunity for marketers to fine-tune messages to viewers. AVA’s accurate, continuous research delivers precise analytics in real-time, giving media buyers a well-defined barometer of ad performance throughout an entire campaign.

Contemporary Research Display Express

Contemporary Research has added TV control panels to its Display Express TV management system. Display Express features web-based forms and control pages that allow users to freely define and update system operation, automated presets, scheduling, and web control panels that are easily accessed on PCs and internet-driven tablets. The key values are that the facility can adapt the system and create and assign new panels without hiring a system programmer.

Altinex AVSnap V5

AVSnap V5’s design interface enables advanced users and beginners alike to feel right at home. With built-in and user-defined libraries, AVSnap makes it is easy to use any manufacturer’s equipment. The software has provisions for a complete bill of materials and cable list— thus simplifying equipment ordering and installation cable requirements. AVSnap V5 added AJAX technology to the web server portion of the software. Ajax (sometimes called asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a way of programming for the web that eliminates the hourglass. Data, content, and design are merged together into a seamless whole. For AVSnap V5, this newly incorporated technology dramatically decreases application response time.

Chief Interactive Mounts

Chief has expanded its series of interactive mounts to include flat-panel and ceiling-mounted projector solutions. Combined with flexible, userfriendly technology, these new solutions easily convert standard TVs and projectors into interactive environments. Powering the interactive experience is eBeam technology from Luidia Inc. Through a receiver built into the mount, any standard flat-panel or projector is turned into an interactive solution. Each interactive solution includes a lightweight, ergonomic stylus featuring real-time rendering capabilities.

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