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New Products : December 2009

New Products : December 2009

Extron Extended Distance Twisted Pair Receivers

Extron Electronics announces the MTP 1500RL 15HD RS and MTP 1500RL 15HD RS SEQ extended distance twisted pair receivers for VGA and RS-232. These receivers work with MTP Series transmitters to send high resolution video 1,500 feet or more and RS-232 signals up to 1,000 feet over a single Cat-5 cable. The extended distance receivers are compatible with resolutions up to 1920x1200 WUXGA, and feature separate continuously variable level and peaking adjustments that precisely optimize image quality for various cable lengths. Each receiver also offers an additional female MTP buffered output.

Crestron MPC-M5 Media Presentation Controller

Crestron’s MPC-M5 fits onto a standard two-gang electrical box with space to accommodate all wiring and connections. Seamless integration with Crestron RoomView software via Ethernet enables IT/AV managers to remotely monitor, manage and control every room on the network, and SSL encryption provides a totally secure network connection at all times, preventing unauthorized access to the system. A fully programmable user interface, the MPC-M5 features a layout of 10 pushbuttons with corresponding LED feedback.

Sennheiser WiCOS

Sennheiser’s WiCOS is a wireless conference system that automatically switches frequencies to avoid interference. This is accomplished through the system’s automatic dynamic frequency management that uses two frequency ranges—2.4 GHz and 5 GHz—for wireless transmission and enabling it to switch the range if interference is detected on the other wireless frequencies. WiCOS operates continuously for at least twenty hours and integrates up to 16 translation channels, making it an attractive solution for the conference market. The system can also be used without a PC, and its removable microphones ensure easy transportation and flexible installation. Secure 128-bit encryption can be programmed by the user providing security against tapping.

Stage Research RF Guru

Stage Research’s RF Guru is designed to find the best combination of wireless microphone frequencies to be used at a venue and alleviate intermod problems. It calculates based on existing microphones, area TV stations, user-entered known bad frequencies and even mic data from nearby neighboring venues. The new tool has two key features. It informs wireless mic users setting up their systems of the maximum possible optimum frequencies they can safely use without interference, and it tells those with an existing wireless mic setup of any problems that might lead to intermod. When users give RF Guru their location, it will even take into account local TV signals practically anywhere around the globe.

Wireworks MCAT5 Network Cabling

  • Wireworks’ MCAT5 multipinbased, multi-channel Cat-5e Network Cabling. MCAT5 simplifies network cabling by eliminating individual cable runs; reducing the wear and tear on equipment by utilizing a sturdy multipin connector instead of the standard RJ45 connector, creating a rugged point-to-point secure connection. Constructed of heavy-duty Cat-5e rated cable with an extra-tough double jacketed shielded cable design. With a small overall diameter of only 0.57 inches, yet only weighing 14 pounds per 100 feet, MCAT5 is easy to work with and transport. Cable sections are available in lengths up to 250 feet.

d&b E-Series

The d&b audiotechnik E-Series range has added the E12X-SUB subwoofer. It is a small, lightweight, low-profile, bass-reflex subwoofer fitted with a 12-inchlong excursion neodymium driver. The E12X-SUB can be deployed in two different ways, first in an active mode with a dedicated d&b amplifier configuration with the smaller E-Series loudspeakers. In the second operational mode, the internal passive crossover of the E12X-SUB reportedly enables connection in parallel with an E8 loudspeaker driven by an appropriately configured, single d&b amplifier channel, giving the same functionality of the larger E15X-SUB with E12 or E12D. The E12X-SUB replaces the current E12-SUB and also provides low-frequency extension in smaller systems using both the E0 and E3 loudspeakers.

Yamaha NEXO PSR2
Yamaha has added the NEXO PS R2 to its NEXO PS Series of compact speakers. The PS R2 delivers enhanced performance with higher SPL and extended bandwidth, and re-designed cabinetry and grilles—all within the same compact footprint of the PS 8, PS10, and PS15 loudspeakers. New mounting plates derived from the NEXO GEO Series enable a vast array of touring and fixed accessories to be used with the new models. Sub-bass options now available in the LS600 and the RS15 and new analog controllers and amplification options with the NXAMP will provide further versatility to the PS R2 Series.

Hosa Da-Cappo DA15

Hosa Technology, distributor of Da-Cappo Micro Microphones, is introducing the Da-Cappo DA15 Cardioid Earset Microphone with Earbud Monitor. By combining a discreet earset microphone with an in-ear monitor, the new Da-Cappo DA15 provides comfort and freedom of movement for onstage performers and production staff alike. The capsule found in the new DA15 incorporates a sensitivity rating of -51 dB and a maximum SPL rating of 130 dB-making it well-suited for vocal performers who routinely find themselves in loud performance surroundings.

Extron MediaLink Controller

Extron Electronics’ MLC 62 RS D MediaLink Controller is a keypad controller for controlling AV equipment in classrooms and meeting facilities. The MLC 62 RS D features eight customizable backlit soft touch buttons providing control capabilities for common AV functions including display power, input switching, and volume control. The new controller serves as a replacement for a display’s handheld IR remote, providing user-friendly control for a projector or flat panel display, and eliminating problems related to misplaced IR remotes, confusing menus, and dead batteries.

Soundcraft Notepad Mixers
Soundcraft is releasing a new range of small multipurpose mixers, some with integral digital FX, bearing the name of the now-legendary Notepad series. The new Notepad 102, 124, and 124 FX models boast Soundcraft audio performance with the acclaimed GB30 mic preamp and EQ technology in a highly compact and solid chassis. Each 124 model has four mono mic/line inputs while the Notepad 102 has two mono mic/line inputs. All models boast four stereo line inputs. The Notepad 124FX also has an integral digital effects processor which has a feed from every input and over 100 effects, including a pink noise and test setting.

Wisdom Audio L100m Sage Series

Wisdom Audio has added three new high-end speaker model variants to its Sage Series line. The L150m, an on-wall version of the reference line source L150i inwall, has been added to Sage Series for applications where in-wall installation is not possible or desired. The L100m and C150m line source solutions have been designed as on-wall solutions sized specifically for discreet installation behind perforated screens.

ClearOne Converge Pro VH20
ClearOne announced the Converge Pro VH20, the newest member of ClearOne’s Professional Conferencing family of products. The VH20 provides a direct connection between Converge Pro audio conferencing systems and VoIP PBX phone systems so that users can transport audio signals across their IP networks. The VH20 easily links with any of ClearOne’s Converge Pro products to create a complete audio conferencing system that can quickly be integrated with Cisco, Avaya, and many other VoIP PBX phone systems for 100 percent interoperability. The Converge Pro VH20 ensures full security with TLS, AES, and SRTP encryption.

Kramer VS-211HDxl

Kramer Electronics’ VS-211HDxl 2x1 automatic standby switcher is designed for SDI, HD-SDI and 3G HD-SDI signals. When configured as a standby switcher, the unit switches automatically to the secondary input when the signal on the primary input is lost. The unit automatically switches back to the primary input when the primary signal is restored. The VS- 211HDxl is ideal for broadcast, studio, and post-production applications. The VS-211HDxl has two inputs and two outputs and it is compatible with SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G HD-SDI signals with or without embedded audio.

Obonok Technologies Blu-Wire-XP Fiber Series

Obonok Technologies’ Blu-Wire -XP Fiber Series enable Pro AV integrators to utilize both multimode fiber and UTP backbones to distribute HDMI v1.3, HDCP plus addressable RS-232, IR or USB, out to 20,000 meters, or 12.4 miles. At the same time, the new Fiber -XP Series reduces the cost of high-end HDMI extension in digital signage, broadcast, telepresence, retail HDTV display, conferencing and residential applications. The Blu-Wire Fiber Series makes it possible to extend/distribute HDMI configurations, with HDCP content protection, plus control signals, with virtually no limit. By daisy-chaining up to eight receivers in UTP and/or fiber modes, cascading transmitters and/or utilizing the dual-output HDMI feature, the total amount of equipment and cost for a given signal distribution pattern is minimized.

Stewart Audio Subcompact Power Amplifiers
Stewart Audio has introduced three new subcompact power amplifiers: the AV25 and the CVA Series, which includes the CVA-25 and CVA-50. With each model weighing less than one pound, these ultra-compact, versatile power amplifiers are specifically designed to be located in places typically off limits to traditional-sized amplifiers-without compromising sound quality or power. The Stewart Audio AV25, CVA-25, and CVA-50 are all Plenum rated and are designed to provide convenience and installation flexibility above the ceiling or in other environmental air spaces. This feature makes these amplifiers a great choice for concealing the unit to prevent theft and is also extremely useful when space is limited.

Broadcast Pix Slate Version 7.3

Broadcast Pix has released Slate Version 7.3, an upgrade to its integrated live video production systems. Version 7.3 features Fluent Macros, the file-based switcher macro memory system. It also provides enhancements to its Fluent Multi-View and its 2 M/E Slate 5000 switcher control panel, as well as support for the new low-cost Slate 100 Control Panel. New Fluent Multi-View enhancements provide automatic layout for 16:9 and 4:3 content on most monitors. In addition, every window is individually resizable, including key windows, and Fluent is the only Multi-View in the industry to show windows for each keyer. Plus, safe zones are now available on program and preview.

ComNet Comworx Ethernet Switch

ComNet Communication Networks’ Comworx CNGE2FE24MSPoE is an environmentally hardened managed ethernet switch that provide a high port density in a compact package and provides power over ethernet to peripheral devices such as IP cameras and video encoders. The all-new ComWorx CNGE2FE24MSPoE makes available 24 10/100TX ports and two 1000Mbps combo ports that utilize easily interchangeable small form factor pluggable optic devices as optical interfaces. This hardened Ethernet switch is designed to operate in environments where extremes of temperature and vibration are a consideration.

TV One Cat-5/5E Cable Extenders

TV One’s 1T-CT-520 Series Cat-5/5E or Cat-6 cable extenders are designed for transmission of DVI-D with analog or digital audio signals up to 800 feet. The 1T-CT-521 transmitter can accept DVI-D signal resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p/60 along with S/PDIF or analog stereo audio. Two receivers are offered depending on distances needed. The 1T-CT-524 and 1T-CT-528 feature distances of 325 feet and 800 feet respectively and provide Gain and Equalization adjustments. The 1T-CT-528 receiver provides additional signal processing via two user selectable DIP switches which further equalize the DVI-D video and audio signals.

PESA VidBlox

PESA’s VidBlox product line is designed for transport of high speed digital formats with pixel resolutions up to 2560X1600 at 60Hz over coax or fiber optic transports. The latest 3G-SDI technology is built into these Dual-Link DVI converter/extenders, making them fully compatible with all of PESA’s HD-SDI and 3G-SDI routers and distribution equipment. Two modules are available: the VidBlox-TX series provides high-end signal conversion of Dual-Link DVI, VGA, RGB, or HDTV to HDSDI/ 3G-SDI; and the VidBlox- RX series converts HD-SDI, Dual Link HD-SDI, or 3G-SDI to Dual-Link DVI, VGA, RGB, or HDTV formats. Each module can work independently for standalone applications, or multiple modules can be configured as a system to route high end computer graphics through PESA’s 3G-SDI or HD-SDI routers.

Tripp Lite Monitored PDUs

Tripp Lite has added seven new Monitored models to its extensive line of network-grade power distribution units. These new Monitored PDUs provide a network interface for remote monitoring and remote condition reporting of power and environmental conditions via SNMP, web, or telnet. A digital meter locally displays the connected equipment load in amps, which eliminates guesswork when installing new hardware. Two horizontal and five vertical models are available. Horizontal models are optimized for 1U rackmount installation; vertical models are optimized for 0U rackmount installation.

Roland RSS S-0808 Digital Snake

Roland Systems Group’s new RSS S-0808 digital snake is an 8- in/8-out compact, lightweight digital snake that supports multiple power options including battery- power, embedded-powered over REAC, and PoE. The inputs offer remote controllable preamps, phantom-power, 24-bit 96kHz A/D conversion as well as choices of XLR, TRS line and even Hi-Z capability to reduce the need for direct boxes.

Analog Way SmartVu
One of Analog Way’s six new high resolution mixer seamless switchers, the SmartVu is HDCP compliant and offers universal analog and digital input/output and full high resolution digital processing. It outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously with a selection of many formats. It features seven direct inputs including one fitted with DVI and two fitted with SD/HD-SDI. Mixer mode allows the display of up to two live sources, up to one live PIP on a live background. It is ideal for large screen projections, conference rooms, houses of worship, boardrooms, and classrooms.