TV One Helps InterfaceFLOR Reduce Eco Impact in Boardrooms

The manufacturer TV One asks: Is your company going green?

  • InterfaceFLOR is, and in a big way. Their mission, known as “Mission Zero,” is to completely eliminate any negative impact they may have on the environment by 2020.
  • One of their efforts is the new Aware House Showroom Building in LaGrange, GA, a customer center and office space that allows visitors to experience InterfaceFLOR’s custom and environmentally responsible modular carpets used in boardrooms in a new way.
  • InterfaceFLOR may have going green down to an art with their new facility, but when it comes to technology, they needed some help, TV One says. With a recent installment gone awry, InterfaceFLOR turned to Georgia Home Theater, located in Smyrna, GA, for some much needed assistance.
  • When Georgia Home Theater arrived at InterfaceFLOR’s showroom, they found a number of concerns, including two less than exceptional video wall displays.
  • “They had two existing edge blending applications from previous integrators that did not meet their expectations. Since two projectors are required for each edge blending application, their original projector was not color matched. Thus, the pictures were dull with low color saturation and poor consistency. What made things more frustrating for them was that the primary edge blending border was clearly visible straight down the center of the screen,” said David Privitera, System Design Specialist of Georgia Home Theater.
  • With help from TV One, Georgia Home Theater selected products for both applications by installing two C2-6104 Multi-Window Video Processors, four C2-2450A Edge Blenders, and two 1T-DA-552 DVI Distribution Amplifiers. This unique setup provided the proper edge blending applications InterfaceFLOR was looking for on both walls with stunning brightness and sharp picture quality without any annoying seams. Georgia Home Theater also installed a separate projector mounted vertically to project examples of carpet tiles on the floor at the proper ratios.
  • “TV One was able to help us implement a unique solution. Without TV One, we would not have been able to deliver on our promises,” says Privitera. “TV One manufactures a unique set of products; they also provide an incredible level of support. I was able to understand and set up a complicated set of procedures very easily. Cheers to TV One!”

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