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AOPEN Media Players Now Certified for Scala Enterprises Software

AOPEN has announced that its latest DE6100 and DE5100 digital engines are the first in the industry to be certified for the new Scala Enterprise software suite.

“The AOPEN DE6100 and DE5100 media players are designed to deliver sharp graphics and multimedia performance in the most demanding environments. They provide a compact yet high performance platform designed to capture the attention of the audience and take them on a digital journey.

“Furthermore, our tight integration with the Scala Enterprise solution means our digital engines are the first on the market with the processing power and design efficiencies to leverage the rich functionality the software affords.”

AOPEN’s European Marketing Manager, Gabriëlle Offringa, said the company had acted quickly to ensure its next-generation engines complied with the performance standards and interoperability requirements of the new Scala solution, putting them through an extensive certification process.

“To achieve certification, the engines had to perform a series of intensive load tests, running 24 hours a day over a 15 day period, without any significant performance degradation or the need for a system reboot,” she explained.

“The unit’s operating temperate, CPU-loading, memory consumption and power supply -voltages were all monitored constantly to ensure the engine continued to deliver optimal performance throughout the testing process.”

The Scala Enterprise solution offers an intuitive user interface, flexible integration options and powerful customization capabilities. With expanded support for APIs, HTML5 and Android players, Scala Enterprise offers customers greater flexibility and ease of use.

The AOPEN Digital Engines feature a compact form factor that makes them useful for digital signage, kiosks, point-of-sale and advertising displays. The two models below have just been tested and the plan is to test AOPEN’s Android players later this year.

Digital Engine DE6100
The DE6100 offers a customizable configuration capable of driving up to three displays depending on the application. It includes:

•AMD trinity APU CPU+GPU (Dual or Quad-Core) for accelerated decoding of Mpeg-2 and H.264 videos
•Dual-Output HDMI with additional DisplayPort video output to drive three high definition displays using spanning or extended desktop
•Dual or Quad-Core APU and Dual Channel DDR3 RAM for super-fast performance in Scala
•RS-232 port to control commercial displays, video switchers and other external devices
•Analog or Digital audio output

Digital Engine DE51001
The DE5100 is designed for unlimited performance across one or two displays and includes:

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