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4K/UHD Symposium Oct 21 in Hollywood

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Insight Media, in partnership with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) will produce the upcoming SMPTE Symposium: Next-Gen Image Formats: More, Better, or Faster Pixels? The Oct. 21 event consists of three components: a Business Track, a Technical Track and a 4K/UHD Demo Area. It is designed to address the technical, business and practical aspects of the 4K/UHD roll out.

The Business Track sessions, which will consist of a series of panel discussions by industry experts, are titled:

•4K/UHD TV – Will it be a Hit with Consumers?
•4K Delivery – Who Will Step Up?
•4K in Movie and TV Production – Where Does it Make Sense?
•4K in Professional Markets – Is this Where 4K Really Shines?
•Who Will Make Money in the 4K Ecosystem?
•3D, More Colors, High Frame Rates, Greater Dynamic Range – What Best Augments a 4K/UHD Display?

The 4K/UHD Symposium will be held in conjunction with the SMPTE 2013 Annual Conference & Exhibition at the Loews Hollywood Hotel, in Hollywood, California, which runs from Oct. 22-24 and includes an exhibition area. For more on this 3-day event, visit the SMPTE’s website.


SMPTE 4K Symposium Agenda Set

The SMPTE 4K/UHD Symposium is set for October 21 in Hollywood, California. The event will feature industry leader talks and discussion, plus demonstrations of Ultra High Definition / 4K ecosystem products.

Insight Media Hosts UHD/4K Demos During SMPTE 2013

Insight Media has unveiled details surrounding the Ultra High Definition (UHD/4K) demonstrations during the upcoming SMPTE 2013 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition, the annual event for motion-imaging and media technology, production, operations and the allied arts and sciences. Insight Media will lead the SMPTE 2013 Symposium Business Track on Oct. 21 and has organized a sold-out UHD/4K demonstration room that will feature industry leaders such as Sony, Samsung, Canon, Quantel, Colorfront, Cisco, Elemental Technologies, Rovi, and Altera.

SMPTE 2014 Symposium

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) announced that the SMPTE 2014 Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition (SMPTE 2014) will feature a pre-conference event — the SMPTE 2014 Symposium, hosted by the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) and titled "Making Do With More."

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Primeview Expands 4K UHD Display Line

Primeview USA has made three new additions to its commercial grade UHD 4K LED LCD line of large format LCD displays with HDBASET embedded. This line now offers 55”, 65” and 84” display solutions with ultra-high 4K resolution.

Display Summit Abstracts Due March 21

Display Summit is the new name for Projection Summit- an event Insight Media has organized in conjunction with InfoComm since 2000. Display Summit will on focus new and emerging display-related products, technologies and applications in professional AV markets. This means showcasing of important developments from pixel generation through pixel processing, control and distribution, right to the display system.