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StrandVision Digital Signage Promotes Royal Credit Union

StrandVision Digital Signage Promotes Royal Credit Union

StrandVision provided support with its Digital Signage system at Royal Credit Union.

Royal Credit Union, which has been growing significantly through their recent merger with REAL Financial Credit Union and the acquisition of AnchorBank branches and assets, continues to roll out StrandVision Digital Signage across their network to communicate with members in their branches and at drive-ups.

Digital signage enables RCU to leverage their marketing communications investments and bring targeted and timely promotions directly to members. They are using the StrandVision system at the ShopKo branch in Eau Claire, as well as offices in Menomonie and Colby, with plans to add five locations in the near future.

In addition to large flat-screen displays in the branches, the signage is integrated into RCU’s drive-up teller systems to display member messages between transactions and when the teller is not being shown on the screen. RCU runs its TV ads on the digital signage displays, as well as other marketing communications campaigns, community events, member programs and product promotions, local news and weather.

“This approach works well from both communications and cost standpoints. We’re able to create materials for mass media and internal audiences at the same time,” comments Vicki Hoehn, executive vice president, marketing. “StrandVision gives us the flexibility to communicate multiple messages to our members instantaneously without cluttering the branches with lots of signs. It makes the offices cleaner, crisper, classier.”