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New Products : November 2008

New Products : November 2008
  • Extron FOX 4G Matrix 14400

Extron Electronics is exhibiting the FOX 4G Matrix 14400, a high performance, modular fiber optic matrix switcher for complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable. It is expandable in sizes from 16x16 up to 144x144, and supports digital switching at rates up to 4.25 Gbps. Equipped with all of the convenience features common to Extron matrix switchers, together with hot-swappable I/O boards, real-time system monitoring, and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies, the FOX 4G Matrix 14400 delivers highly reliable, enterprise-wide switching of fiber optic AV and control signals for any mission-critical environment.

The FOX 4G Matrix 14400 is fully compatible with the FOX Series of fiber optic digital transmitters and receivers. It accepts and routes standard definition video, high resolution computer-video, DVI-D, and multi-rate SDI. The modular board design features nine board slots that can accept FOX 4G Matrix I/O Boards in multimode and singlemode versions.

A host of familiar, integrator-friendly matrix switcher features are available, including I/O grouping, rooming, and memory presets. For optimum performance and reliability, a real-time monitoring system continuously provides self-diagnostics of the I/O boards, fiber links, power supplies, internal fans, and general functions of the switcher. Finally, the FOX 4G Matrix 14400 can be remotely configured and operated through the RS-232 serial control port, IP Link Ethernet control, and the optional FPC 5000 Front Panel Controller and MKP 3000 X-Y Remote Control Panel.

Wheatstone Commercial’s iXO is a DSPbased audio signal routing and processing platform that provides routing, mixing, equalization, dynamics processing, delay, echo cancellation, loudspeaker crossover and processing, remote control, and logic (GPI) functionality. iXO’s core is based upon the Wheatstone Bridge system used by hundreds of radio and television stations for day-to-day mission-critical mixing, routing, and control. The intuitive iXO Overture software allows the installer to create highly complex audio systems in minutes, in real time. Applications include stadiums, arenas, theme parks, casinos, performing arts centers, multi-purpose facilities, cruise ships, and more. iXO is expandable to create system sizes up to 3000X3000.

SMART Meeting Pro Software
SMART Technologies is adding seven languages to SMART Meeting Pro collaboration software. To meet the demands of a growing global customer base, SMART Meeting Pro software now runs in French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese (traditional and simplified) in addition to English. Business, government, and military staff in different countries can instantly start or join a conference, share applications, participate in discussions, brainstorm, and save and distribute work in their own language.

Moving users beyond the lowtech world of projected presentations, flipcharts, and dry-erase whiteboards, SMART Meeting Pro software brings meeting rooms into the 21st century, creating time and cost efficiencies in the process. The software leverages integrated data conferencing to enable fast and simple connections and a more collaborative environment than traditional data sharing. It also provides a robust level of interactivity in a single- or multi-display rooms. The success of the English-only version has led quickly to the addition of seven languages. The software works with SMART Board interactive whiteboards, SMART Board interactive displays, Sympodium interactive pen displays, and other training or meeting room products.

Kramer Electronics (Booth 5G1-01) is introducing the TP-205A computer graphics video/audio/RS-232 line transmitter/DA for presentation and multimedia applications. The head-end combination unit is designed for longrange computer graphics video distribution in schools, hospitals, security and retail applications. The first of its kind for Kramer, the twisted pair unit is a high performance combination transmitter for computer graphics video, analog or digital audio and RS-232 signals. It also acts as a distribution amplifier. The desktop unit can transmit signals to up to five separate receivers via CAT 5 type twisted pair cables. The twisted pair technology allows a high-resolution video transmission (up to UXGA) range of over 300 feet.

The TP-205A accepts a computer graphics input signal, a selectable unbalanced stereo analog audio signal or a digital audio (S/PDIF) signal, and a unidirectional (TxD) RS-232 control signal. These signals can then be sent over inexpensive CAT 5 type twisted pair cable to compatible receivers or the signals can be looped to an additional TP-205A transmitter, as well as to a sub-system featuring the Kramer TP-50 twisted pair receiver/DA to create larger distribution systems.

With the introduction of SW 7001 Streaming Solution, Danish Interpretation Systems A/S (DIS) has fully integrated the AV conference market with the internet, and most of all prepared the way for conference holders to broadcast their meetings very quickly and automatically to a standard website, enabling people to follow a meeting from a distance either live or on demand. The SW 7001 software offers the option either to broadcast audio/video live or to record the same for later playing.

The SW 7001 Streaming Solution features ongoing notification of the activities currently being processed like changing subject or switching on a microphone. This allows automatic display, segmentation and classification of the content of the meeting, and insertion of waypoints in the media stream to simplify location. These “waypoints” range from Current Agenda Subject, Current Speaker, while permitting concurrent display of relevant data, such as voting results.

Users accessing the website can select from a whole range of search criteria to review the meeting: specific issues/events, name of speaker(s), either they are making or responding to statements and other key data. This ability to index meetings under topics, speakers and a range of other criteria.

The SW 7001 features functions to administrate the published meeting via internet. An administrator can remotely monitor the actual status of a meeting or resubmit a meeting on the web page.

Gefen Distribution Amps
Three new distribution amplifiers from Gefen enable multi-screen AV systems to split and deliver the same signal to several displays at the same time. Each distribution amplifier uses CAT-5 cabling to deliver full high definition resolutions up to 1080p with multi-channel audio up to 150 feet in distance. High definition resolutions up to 1080i can be extended even further up to 300 feet.

The 1:4, 1:5 and 1:8 HDMI CAT-5 Distribution Amplifiers all operate with the same methodology. The amplifier’s main unit accepts one HDMI input and delivers either four, five our eight HDMI and CAT-5 outputs. Local HDMI displays and projectors may be connected directly to the main unit. Those displays that must be extended use small, individual receivers that connect the remote display to the distribution amplifier using CAT-5 cables. These cost-effective cables have proven to be reliable performers that deliver high definition video and audio with zero delay and no degradation when combined with Gefen’s distribution/extension solutions.

Ideal for large environments using HD screens or displays strategically placed throughout the facility, Gefen’s HDMI CAT-5 Distribution Amplifiers enable an instant delivery of high definition video with audio with HDCP pass-through compliance.

DT Research is expanding the WebDT signage products to include 12-inch Signage System, and 42- and 65-inch displays. With the addition of these three sizes, DT Research provides a comprehensive line of digital signage products, including 15-inch and 17-inch all-in-one systems for interactive digital signage and kiosks, and 26- inch, 37-inch and 47-inch signage displays.

The DS1200 features a 12-inch display-integrated media player with a touch screen option, providing greater flexibility and enhanced customer experience. The DS1200’s integrated computing unit ensures easy set up and comes with optional built-in wireless connectivity that enables it to easily connect to a network of devices. The compact size and slim, mountable design allow for a range of deployments.

The Model 4200 is a 42-inch high resolution LCD. Featuring a bezel with a narrow 1.5cm frame, the display optimizes physical space usage and is ideal for multi-screen applications such as menu boards at restaurants or flight/gate information at airports. With the Model 4200’s thin bezel, businesses can easily stack many displays together, creating an elegant video wall configuration. The display panel also supports HD resolution.

The Model 6500 features a 65- inch LCD capable of displaying up to 1080p in high quality digital content— ideal for advertisers. An optional touch screen interface allows for greater interactivity.

The Crestron iServer is a permanent, integrated, iPod-based home audio server. Simply access iTunes from the home computer, download new songs, and immediately enjoy your music in every room in the house. The Crestron iServer is connected to your home computer network and automatically synchronizes with your iTunes Library whenever new content is added or new playlists are created. The Crestron iServer plays all the content stored on your iPod, including music, audio books, and videos. Much more than a basic docking solution, the Crestron iServer is a dedicated audio server that is always available for whole house entertainment.

The Crestron iServer is a low-profile solution that can either rest on a shelf or mount in a rack. It uses any iPod, which is installed through the front panel slot, as its hard drive. Simply connect the iServer to the home network (LAN) providing direct communication with the home computer. Crestron iServer provides USB communication over ethernet, enabling automatic synchronization and updates whenever changes are made to the iTunes Library. Crestron iServer stores and plays back iTunes, automatically updates without undocking the iPod, and is permanently installed and available to enjoy at all times.

Analog Way is launching a new range of high resolution to video scan converters for high definition and standard television broadcast, broadcast studios and TV production: the Broad Scan HD (Models BHD930-AG and BHD930-DG), the Broad Scan SDI (BSD830-AG and BSD830-DG), and the Broad Scan (BSC730).

The Broad Scan range is a broadcast and professional computer to video and high definition TV scan converter family. Fitted with digital DVI and analog RGB inputs, Broad Scan HD, Broad Scan SDI (models BSD830- AG/BSD830-DG), and Broad Scan convert Workstation, PC or Mac graphic images up to 1600x1200@60Hz (1920x1200 RB) into NTSC/PAL video or HDTV formats.

The Broad Scan range features powerful broadcast Genlocks. Genlocks inputs are fitted with a loop through output allowing chaining devices. The user can adjust phase and subcarrier delay according to his specific installation requirements.

The Broad Scan range outputs different signals at the same time in one selected output format. The Broad Scan range also outputs Luma Key signals.

Jenbo Lighting Products
At InfoComm Asia Jenbo Lighting is exhibiting a series of high wattage HID lighting. The company also is launching its new website, On this website, visitors will find complete technical information and HID lightings details. Jenbo offers HID automotive lamps, stage and studio TV metal halide lamps, ultra high performance projector lamps, ultra high pressure mercury lamps, strobe lamps, Xenon short arc lamps, and high pressure mercury lamps.

VITY is launching the TACTUM DKP and TACTUM MPX touch panels. The TACTUM DKP is being shown at Info- Comm Asia for the first time in the world. This range concerns desktop touch wide screen dedicated to the control of corporate environment. Models include 13-, 15-, and 17-inch panels in wide format. These integrate an ethernet connection to connect to any IP VITY’s controllers and devices, the specific VITY’s MBC bus and two video inputs for the displaying of any video feedback sources directly on the touch screen.

The TACTUM MPX is based on the same concept as the desktop models, and these units integrate more technologies for home installations: loudspeakers, microphones, webcam and Ethernet hub. They have the LAN port for the connection of IP VITY controllers and any devices in IP-like IP cameras, IP videodoor, video servers and so on. They can also connect to the VITY LAN/KNX gateway CUSTO LAN EIB to command all KNX module of the market: lights, shutters, HVAC, weather control, and more. Two sizes are available: 10 and 15 inches.

Dataton WATCHOUT 4 System
Dataton is releasing version 4 of its WATCHOUT multi-display production and presentation system. Stronger than ever, version 4 adds new dimensions to presentations, including interactivity, control functions and sheer productivity. Download WATCHOUT 4 free at WATCHOUT 4 adds Auxiliary Timelines, Compositions, Stage Tiers, Movie and Audio Export capabilities. It bridges to other commonly used systems using familiar DMX512, MIDI, TCP/IP and serial data control capabilities.

Auxiliary Timelines resemble the main show timeline in WATCHOUT. The big difference is that an Auxiliary Timeline lies dormant until you call it into action, manually or by an external input. Use an Auxiliary Timeline as a backup track or for a quick escape to other show elements if you suddenly have to change tack midstream.

Composition lets you group a set of cues on their own sub-timeline and then treat them as a single, cohesive media element. It’s a snap to re-use or shuffle show sections, or to apply motion or other effects to the entire group.

External control is your gateway to interactivity in WATCHOUT 4. Use MIDI or DMX512 signals as inputs to trigger tasks and control tween-tracks in your WATCHOUT show. Output DMX512 to control lighting channels and other devices, or send arbitary data from WATCHOUT to other systems or devices via TCP/IP, UDP or serial data protocols.

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