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AOpen Releases Platform for Windows 7 – XC Mini GP7A

  • AOpen released the latest XC mini GP7A with nVIDIA Ion platform. The XC mini GP7A is the first mini PC with both CPU and GPU. It offers the same power saving, silent, and high performance capabilities as its predecessor. With the nVIDIA Geforce 9300 display chip, GP7A delivers great graphics. AOpen’s GP7A adapts Intel’s Core 2 Duo and Celeron 64bit dual core Mobile CPU along with a dual channel DDRIII memory for demanding computing tasks. Similar to a Jaguar, the AOpen XC mini GP7A is powerful yet quiet. Enclosed with a mirror-finished case, the GP7A is a sleek-looking desktop with hidden performance capabilities inside.
  • AOpen’s XC mini GP7A equips nVIDIA’s MCP7A-LCP chipset, supports Intel’s Core 2 Duo and Celeron dual core mobile CPU and also supports the latest Microsoft Windows 7.
  • To receive best viewing quality, GP7A can output 1080P via HDMI and 3D Mark 06 results via Geforce 9300. The Geforce capability allows GP7A to playback HD stream videos smoothly via the Internet while the 5.1 audio outputs will give you the most immersive hearing sensation. Additional capabilities allow you to expend GP7A’s function via mini card and share files on external drives via e-SATA port. The motherboard of the XC mini GP7A is precisely designed and made with high quality solid capacitors with an even better EMI shield to increase system stability and your health. GP7A’s special power management design requires only 0.7Watts when powered off compared to the regular 1.7~3.0Watts.
  • AOpen’s XC mini GP7A is excellent in performance: thermal, silence, and integrated with optical drive into a 1.82 liter compact volume. For easy connecting, there are D-Sub, HDMI, e-SATA, Gigabit LAN, USB, 6in1 card reader and a mini card slot for TV tuner, Bluetooth, and wireless LAN for your options. To realize its silent and thermal capability, AOpen designed a low noise and high speed side cooling fan. With copper piping, this design generates only 26db during system operation and keeps your working and entertainment environment quiet. Thus, XC mini GP7A is the latest result of AOpen “go Small, go Green” concept.