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L-com Launches LSZH Line of Right Angle Category 5E Cable Assemblies

L-com Launches LSZH Line of Right Angle Category 5E Cable Assemblies

The What: L-com has released a new line of right angle Cat-5e cable assemblies with low-smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) jackets.

The What Else: The new cables are expected to allow the use of right angle networking cables in locations where fire and combustion are a risk, such as ships, airplanes, and military bases and vehicles.

L-com first introduced its right angle RJ45 cable assemblies in 2010 with shielded and unshielded Cat-5e cable lines and unshielded Cat 6 lines. The cables use a patent-pending technology to enable a tight right angle at the connection point without risking untwisting the twisted pairs that allow the cable to pass Category testing. Since then, the cable design has won multiple awards, has spurred tips and videos, and L-com greatly expanded the line to include hundreds of different lengths, connector orientations, and jacket colors. The new products build on these lines by offering similar cables with LSZH jacket materials that will release minimal smoke and no toxic gas if burned in the case of a fire.

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