John Meyer Receives Silver Medal Award from the Audio Engineering Society

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John Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Meyer Sound Laboratories, was honored with the Audio Engineering Society's Silver Medal Award at this year's AES Convention in New York City. The award was given in recognition of Meyer's "outstanding achievement in source independent measurement of public address systems and the advancement of quality in sound reinforcement."

Formerly known as the Emile Berliner Award, the AES Silver Medal honors those whose work represents exceptional developments or achievements in the field of audio engineering. Prior recipients include audio pioneers such as John Mullin, Robert Moog, Ray Dolby, and James A. (Andy) Moorer.

"It's a true honor to receive this award from an organization dedicated to the advancement of standards in audio," said Meyer. "Special thanks should also be given to Stanford University's CCRMA group headed by Dr. John Chowning, as well as to Dr. Elizabeth Cohen, and Dr. Julius Smith, whose contributions to this work were essential."

The Silver Medal marks the third official AES recognition of Meyer Sound's two co-founders. John Meyer was chosen a Fellow of the AES in 1985, and company Executive Vice President and Co-founder Helen Meyer, received a Citation in 1999 for her unique contributions to the audio industry.



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John Meyer Enters TEC Awards Hall of Fame

John Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Meyer Sound Laboratories, was inducted into the TEC Awards Hall of Fame at the 2014 NAMM Show. Following an introduction by Dennis "Wiz" Leonard, long-time FOH mixer of the Grateful Dead, Meyer received the award as he joined Frank Zappa, Phil Spector, T Bone Burnett, and 30 other luminaries who have shaped the art and science of music, recording, and sound reinforcement technologies.

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SCN's 2015 Hall of Fame: John & Helen Meyer

Art meets science at Meyer Sound Laboratories, where inductees John and Helen Meyer, company co-founders, husband and wife, and CEO and EVP respectively, have always placed high-quality audio in service to musicians.

John Krivit Becomes New President of the Audio Engineering Society

As anyone who attended the recent 139th Audio Engineering Society International Convention (October 29 – November 1, 2015 in New York) can attest, the AES is moving forward in new directions – one of which has been to appoint president John Krivit. The AES is pleased to welcome Krivit as he takes over the leadership role from Andres Mayo. Previously Krivit served as chair of the AES Education Committee and is currently an Associate Professor teaching at Emerson College and Bay State College in Boston.