Barco Presents to Impress with its Latest Collaborative Projector Solutions -

Barco Presents to Impress with its Latest Collaborative Projector Solutions

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Barco, a global design and technology company, revealed its sleek new projector line this Wednesday in a New York showroom with the Present, Collaborate, and Impress models.

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The high-end DLP projectors designed for the corporate AV market, educational, and governmental institutions are being highlighted for three primary components: enhanced user functionality, unique chassis design, and a razor-sharp image.

The “Collaborate, Present, Impress” names as muse were apparent at the onset as the new range aims to simplify and beautify the commercial projection experience. Improved features include noise reduction (both aurally and visually), enhanced image quality to ease eye strain for fine-detail viewings, and throw-distances that reach even those relegated to the nose-bleed section of the conference room.

Aesthetically, Barco has moved projectors from the eye-sore category to the artistic display section. Glossed in white, they blend in more seamlessly than previous models; the ergonomic design was created to showcase the device’s real estate instead of hiding it. The Present series — housed in a matte-white bubbled rectangle with an embossed black honeycomb and floating aspherical lens — may elevate it as a new vanity item for offices.

Integral to the high-end pixel range, according to Neil Wittering, Barco’s Western Region Director of Sales and Marketing, are the one-chip and three-chip DLP designs. The models offer a sealed optical engine for crystal-clear images with filter-free design and an energy-efficient dual lamp system, thereby reducing installation time, upkeep costs, and frequent replacement parts.

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The saturated projector category continues to negotiate shrinking margins, evidenced by the recent Mitsubishi decision to exit the projector market. Neil Wittering emphasized Barco's attractive price-points and reliability as points of distinction: $3,500 MSRP is the entry-level model. [This is] “a huge change for Barco, which is very competitive in the market,” he said.

With these models, Barco is also optimizing Clickshare, their signature collaboration solution housed in an elegant steel square. Clickshare functions as a wireless presentation system to support multiple user screens; up to four meeting participants can share content simultaneously, creating a panoramic canvas.

Brightness range amongst the models vary between 5,000-11,000 ANSI lumens, while the powerhouse PJWU-101B is being called the brightest single-chip projector on the market at 10,000 lumens. More engine and brightness specifications can be found here.

All three projectors are available now.

Brent Korson is a writer, producer, and social media consultant based in New York City.


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