Biamp Puts the ‘V’ in AVB With TesiraLUX

Chris Fitzsimmons, Product Manager for Video Products, Biamp AVB stands for audio-video bridging, but the video element has been conspicuous by its absence—until now. At a press conference Wednesday, Biamp Systems unveiled TesiraLUX, which adds low-latency 4K networked video transport to the Tesira DSP platform, using AVB/TSN.

“With TesiraLUX, Tesira has matured into a true network media platform,” said Chris Fitzsimmons, Product Manager for Video Products at Biamp. “TesiraLUX delivers dependable performance and automatic handling of lip sync, resulting in transmissions that are visually lossless and perfectly aligned.”

Biamp states that TesiraLUX is the only platform that enables system designers to handle audio and video within a single software environment. Biamp says that total system latency is guaranteed to be less than two frames (33 ms at 60 Hz), including scaling, compression and network transit, because of the way that AVB/TSN networks are configured unlike non-AVB offerings whose manufacturers can quote maximum latencies for individual stages of signal transmission, but not an end-to-end figure.