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Oslo Central Station Houses Europe’s Largest Optically Enhanced LCD Wall

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The largest optically enhanced LCD video wall in Europe has been installed by GDS in Oslo Central Station, the most crowded railway station in Norway.

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The new G-Wall installed in Oslo covers an area of nearly 60 square meters, and is made of 100 pieces of 46” LCD TFT bonded displays operating as one single unit. The narrow bezel between the screens provides a seamless view from a long distance and fast reading without interruptions.

The new digital information board allows Jernbaneverket (JBV) to adapt the content to changing circumstances very easily.

“The performances of the video wall installed in September 2011 in National Theatre railway station in Oslo (25 pieces of 46” LCDs) proved that G-Wall has been a very good choice and that’s why we decided to proceed with GDS as a partner for this challenging installation,” said Geir Hagen, engineering manager telecom at JBV.

JBV asked to GDS to deliver a solution that would enable passengers to have clear, complete information and to maintain its quality for many years considering the constraints of such a large format.

On the technical side, the G-Bond lamination process applied to the video wall screens gives the content high contrast and readability in high ambient light areas. The bonding technology improves the safety of the system by reinforcing the frontal surface of the glass and by keeping the pieces together in case of accidental breaks.

The mechanical frame and the bracket system have been designed to allow flexible and modular installations and provide easy access for service and maintenance.

The thermal management of the video wall has been designed to overcome the challenges of such a large system and avoid aging due to possible “railway dust” accumulation.


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