CastNET Announces New Digital Signage Solution with NFC Technology -

CastNET Announces New Digital Signage Solution with NFC Technology

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CastNET has developed and is shipping a new solution that fully integrates Near Field Communications (NFC) technology with its digital signage software. CastNET with MobileHere technology combines CastNET's digital signage content management software with NFC technology to allow mobile devices to easily take away information from digital signage screens.

NFC is a short-range wireless RFID technology that is meant for applications where a close physical touch allows information to be exchanged. By placing an NFC-enabled smartphone or mobile device against a CastNET with MobileHere digital sign, viewers are able to instantly download information or be directed to rich media content on their device.

The real world applications for CastNET with MobileHere are numerous. Rather than just reading information in front of a digital sign, viewers will now instantly take digital signage information "to go". Customers and visitors can be directed to websites, videos or mobile app stores as well as instantly download wayfinding maps, menus, and coupons along with many other types of information. An advantage to the implementation of MobileHere technology with CastNET is that as the message changes on the digital sign, the viewer can tap their mobile device on the screen to automatically receive new information relevant to that message.

Another benefit to CastNET with MobileHere is the increased collection of data about the effectiveness of any digital signage deployment. CastNET with MobileHere automatically tracks each viewer's engagements to a database that provides reports on which displays and messages are attracting attention.

Lance Hutchinson, VP of CastNET, said, "NFC is the next big thing in the digital signage industry. CastNET with MobileHere not only improves the experience for customers and guests in a store or venue, but also provides immediate and accurate reporting on the effectiveness of how and where digital signage is being used. A lot of development time was invested into making sure the CastNET user experience for updating NFC "to go" content works seamlessly with CastNET's software workflow."


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