AVI-SPL Sales Summit Keeps Eye on Collaboration

AVI-SPL Sales Summit Keeps Eye on Collaboration

AVI-SPL’s annual Sales Acceleration Summit was all about looking to the future this year, specifically when it comes to remaining as one of the industry’s leaders in collaboration design solutions.

“We spent a lot of time on the road talking with our customers, and we’ve heard a lot about a need for a global platform and collaboration solutions, said Jeff Davis, COO, AVI-SPL. “We already have an expertise in collaboration, and we’ve spent a lot of time investing in our infrastructure and training to make sure we move forward with creating that collaborative experience in our designs.”

“We’re going to continue to push ourselves (in this trend),” added Dale Bottcher, SVP sales, AVI-SPL. “There’s a continual evolution for collaborative solutions providers, and we are trying to move into that space more. Over 50 percent of meetings include remote participants now, and we’re trying to remove that in-room bias.”

“For a while, we’ve been wondering where this collaboration trend would land, and it seemed resounding that is where the trend is heading,” said Kelly Bousman, senior vice president, marketing, AVI-SPL. “The cool thing is that collaboration starts with the design of the room, and there’s a lot of opportunity there.”

Of course, this goal is backed by AVI-SPL’s ever-growing reputation as a leader in the AV integration industry. During a media briefing with the company’s leaders, SCN learned that the company’s sales bookings grew by 20 percent, with every office exceeding their sales from 2014. Ninety percent of those bookings also come from repeat customers, which AVI-SPL’s CEO, John Zettel said “speaks to the opportunities that lie ahead and the relationship we have with our customers.”

AVI-SPL is also excited to see their partnership with Microsoft grow through the new Surface Hub, which is now shipping.

“Clearly Microsoft is a major player and they command a significant amount of respect in the corporate world,” explained Zettel. “The concept for the Surface Hub started in Amsterdam. We’ve been working with Microsoft from an early stage and now we have this great collaborative tool that will have a significant presence in the corporate world.”

Another huge focus within the sales summit this year was on continuous training for AVI-SPL’s employees.

“We have nearly 200 account managers in the company now, so our focus is on instituting sales learning plans and developing onboard training,” Bottcher said. “I’m proud of the training division and our commitment to better employees. We’re the first to earn a global APEX certification, and we’re continuing to grow our training opportunities to help further our employees careers and help them mature and stay on top of their game.”

Most exciting though, is the idea that in the workplace, technology is becoming more and more of a priority when it comes to designing the spaces, Zettel explained.

“Technology used to be an after thought—we had to adapt the technology to the space. Now it is becoming more at the forefront.”

Kelleigh Welch is managing editor of Systems Contractor News. Follow her on Twitter @kelleighwelch.