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SCN's Top 50 Integrators 2009 Revealed!

SCN's Top 50 Integrators 2009 Revealed!
  • The lens through which we viewed business growth in 2009 had a significantly different focus than that of recent years. Challenges were faced head on this year, and many stories of survival are shadowed by tough realities faced by colleagues in this very close-knit industry. Now, as news of an impending economic recovery gradually manifests itself on balance sheets, many are surveying the damage and preparing to move forward. As the calendar year comes to a close, SCN presents its annual compendium of business outlooks from the top ranks of commercial AV integration.

The Top 50 systems integrators in the U.S. and Canada are ranked here by projected systems integration revenue for 2009. As some companies are also involved in other segments of integration, we asked entrants to separate their commercial AV systems installation revenue from overall revenue. Once again this year, as always, Top 50 submissions were voluntary. The chart ranks those companies willing to share their internal numbers to establish a snapshot of the industry. While the bottom line is certainly important in any business climate, the Top 50 chart is only one way to view an industry where success and longevity are determined by more than mere numbers. This is a business defined by character, and that is one index that has absolutely risen in the past year. We look forward to more upward trends in this and every category in 2010.

Download the Top 50 list here.

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