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Rising health care costs are affecting families, individuals and businesses at every level from inadequate care to lost productivity. A new nationwide telemedicine service dedicated to diagnosing and treating those suffering from common illnesses to chronic conditions is now available.

With telemedicine, there are no more unnecessary co-pays and high deductibles. is not insurance, but rather a platform that offers a convenient and affordable first line of defense, used to diagnose and treat the most common conditions. utilizes a telemedicine platform bringing the doctor, nurse or specialist to patients through a telephone, mobile device or web browser instantly. is bringing back the house call by connecting consumers with registered nurses and/or licensed, board certified physicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the company says. also comes with added features for members such as a free discount prescription program and activity tracking using devices such as Fitbit. Plans are already in place to embed the iTerpret communications platform for patients needing language assistance and interpretation services, as well as valuable partner programs, which include affordable genetic screening services. Remote monitoring programs for consumers suffering from chronic diseases are also on the 2014 roadmap. is currently being offered by more than 200 brokers throughout the country says co-founder, Kevin Looser. "One of the biggest challenges of rolling out our platform was convincing potential clients that telemedicine actually exists and that it can be used as a claims avoidance tool, especially for companies with self funded health plans. Fortunately for us, once they try it, they're hooked. After all, who would ever sit in a germ filled waiting room if they didn't have to."

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