Nanotech 4K Digital Signage Media Player -

Nanotech 4K Digital Signage Media Player

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The What: Nanotech’s Nuvola NP-C is a solid-state commercial grade digital media player that helps manage and change content whether you're using Android App's, HTML5 or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, like 11-Giraffes. The 4K networked and interactive media player supports true 4K Ultra HD content and delivers better resolution compared to yesterday's HD devices.

Nanotech Nuvola NP-C
The What Else: The NP-C deliversg 4K Ultra HD content anywhere on your business, retail, hospitality or healthcare digital signage network. Develop and deliver content to any display at up to 60mbs streaming or local playback.

One More Thing: The NanoTech media player is a versatile digital signage solution that enables multiple HD resolution video zones and works with many HD display and TV brands.The NP-C also works with a broad range of content development/management software and delivery services.

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Visix 4K Media Player

Visix has added a new 4K media player capable of supporting the super-high resolution displays that are now more widely available. It's powered by an Intel Haswell processor and HD 5000 graphics, enabling it to bring 4K content to life at the Ultra HD resolution of 3840x2160.