Altinex Muse is a Triple Threat -

Altinex Muse is a Triple Threat

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I've been asked every day on the floor and when out to dinner—and even at the airport, and on the plane headed home—what cool things I saw at InfoComm 2013.

Most often is a very decisive question—"What is the coolest thing you've seen?"—leaving very little room for diplomatic answers to express how everything is cool in it's own way… unless it's not.

At this year's show, two things stood out. The first product was from Scott Hassan of Suitable Technologies and his Beam telepresence products that are really, really, really cool, but not something I'm gonna spec everyday. The other product, and this one was undoubtedly my favorite one, was the Muse from Altinex.

Now Altinex is a fairly well known company to most of us in this industry, because they make good products and they make a ton of them. I kept hearing buzz about this new product they had, so of course we scoured the floor for their booth. Even a look at the official InfoComm13 app determined we were right there, and yet we couldn't seem to find them. We finally found them under their Muse banner with "Altinex" in a much smaller font below the Muse name. That is an example of how much they believe in this new Muse product!

What Muse does is allow you to transfer signal, control, and oh yeah… POWER over a single shielded Cat6 cable, up to 300-feet! I can't tell if you're excited or not, but in case you didn't hear me, it transmits HDMI, Power and control over a single shielded Cat6 cable. This is the product that I'm most excited about from InfoComm this year.

Think of the applications for this. You got the ability to run one single Cat6 cable to your display location and be up and running in minutes without ever tracking down an Electrician to get you power. The possibilities that this opens up in the marketplace are great, as there are almost no locations where you now can't mount a display. How's that for a product you can actually use!

Check the video to see it in action, live from the show floor!


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