Datapath Debuts New VisionAV-SDI and the VisionAV-HD Cards -

Datapath Debuts New VisionAV-SDI and the VisionAV-HD Cards

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The What: Datapath Ltd, the UK-based professional graphics and imaging specialist, has introduced two new video capture cards, extending its Vision range.

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The 2 cards are 4 lane PCI Express capture card each with three independent video capture inputs — two supporting High Definition capture and a third supporting Standard Definition video capture, in both cases these three independent video channels can be captured simultaneously.

The What Else: Both cards also capture embedded digital audio and analogue audio, which can be perfectly synchronized with respective video capture channels. Furthermore they can add multiple channels of audio capture, which can be synchronized in software using time stamping with all video capture channels.

The Why: “We are very pleased to be introducing these two new leading edge high performance capture cards which provide versatile configurations of video capture formats,” said Bjorn Krylander MD of Datapath. “Together with our existing range of capture cards, Datapath can now provide a cost effective option for video capture for just about any application and performance requirements.”

One More Thing: The VisionAV-SDI card captures one High Definition channel of 3G SDI video, one High Definition channel of DVI video and one Standard Definition channel for composite video. The VisionAV-HD captures 2 High Definition channels of DVI video and one Standard Definition channel of composite video.


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