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New Sound In BoomtowN

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At BoomtowN Casino, a Pinnacle Entertainment property in Bossier City, LA, the need for better audio management became increasingly clear last year. Todd George, general manager of BoomtowN casino, assigned Greg Miles, head of BoomtowN's entertainment department, to redesign the casino's paging and background music system. The goal: tie everything together, but at the same time, provide for the ability to tailor content to specific areas as needed, layering in override functions that give the casino flexibility of source selection and outputs.
Miles researched a wide market of possibilities and what he chose as the backbone of BoomtowN's solution was the DigiPage system from Australian Monitor, a brand that Sennheiser Electronics Corporation recently added to its family of distributed professional audio products.

An audio routing and control system that allows multiple sources to be selectively targeted to different areas in a large number of combinations, DigiPage has given BoomtowN the ability to carve its property into 16 audio zones and to easily manage the delivery of content into each as needed.

"This was a huge undertaking and the possible solutions many," noted Miles. "Then I remembered an article I read about Australian Monitor's DigiPage system and I was hooked on finding it. After searching around, I contacted Shreveport Music Company, who placed the order with Sennheiser."

Among the six sources for the casino's 16 zones are three of Onkyo's NetTunes; one of which has in-house advertising periodically inserted over the music and two cable music channels. This is done via a Dynavox by Mackenzie Labs. Other special announcements can be made via one source which is left open for this purpose. The system is designed so that each zone has local input capability, meaning the zone's primary source can be overridden.

The system also utilizes six paging stations, where users can access a touch pad that provides ready selection of each of the 16 zones. There, the user can decide to either page into all zones simultaneously or selected zones. The stations are equipped with gooseneck microphones, but paging can also be done via an in-house phone system that outputs to the PA system.

Australian Monitor...

"What makes DigiPage stand out in this project is its ability to effectively create 16 separate zones in the casino," observed Greg Miles, head of BoomtowN's entertainment department. "We can input either an in-zone local source or choose to input from six different defined source selections into any of the 16 zones and also allow for paging functions into any combination of selected zones or across all zones. The casino had had a zone system before this, but it didn't have the flexibility that DigiPage enables, without having to do a lot of external patching and wiring. Prior to this we were tied to having one music source to each zone, with no capability of doing mic inputs."


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