Ashly Audio Appoints LVX Marketing Rep In Northern California And Northern Nevada

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Ashly Audio has appointed LVX Marketing to serve as its manufacturing representative in northern California and northern Nevada.

“We bring a lot of perspective from all sides of the market,” said Hernandez. “We’re excited to partner with Ashly – a respected pro audio company that’s been designing and manufacturing innovative products right here in the United States for over forty years. With Ashly on our line card, our clients will have access to a diversity of amplifier, DSP, and user interface configurations to perfectly fit audio installations and applications of all sizes… Their gear just works out of the box and keeps working 24/7, for years on end...”

“We have a lot of respect for Ed and John’s experience and loyalty to their clients. They’ve made a name for themselves because of it,” said John Sexton, director of sales, North America, at Ashly Audio. “They form genuine partnerships with their clients and bring integrity and follow-through to everything they do. With LVX Marketing, they’ve brought together a top-notch team with a similar outlook and approach. Just like we throw our heart and soul into building the very pro audio best solutions that we can, LVX Marketing throws their heart and soul into bringing those solutions together for their clients...”