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Acoustics First Releases Sound Diffusion Video

  • Acoustics First has released another in a series of videos to help explain acoustical principles using simple, easy to understand video demonstrations.

This latest demonstration tackles the mystery of acoustic sound diffusion. Using an array of ping pong balls to represent sound visually, this video simply demonstrates what occurs when sound strikes the surface of an acoustic diffuser.

First, the company says, you will see what happens when sound hits a flat reflective surface with no acoustical treatment—the balls all bounce at the same time and in the same direction. This represents what happens to the sound when it hits a flat reflective surface like a wall. Then you see what happens when sound hits an acoustic sound diffuser. Viewers will immediately notice the energy of the wave of balls is scattered in all different directions, as well as deflected at different time intervals.

Diffusers disperse or scatter the sound like crowd control, preserving the sound to maintain sound clarity without destructive interference. This is the basic principle behind acoustic sound diffusion.

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