AV Over IP is ClearOne's InfoComm Focus

ClearOne will showcase new products and conduct presentation sessions in their booth at the upcoming InfoComm10 show, Wednesday June 9 through Friday, June 11.

  • Experience The Power of AV over IP as ClearOne showcases the VIEW product line in a display and live demonstration of four tower racks that will encompass 324 StreamNet nodes for routing audio, video and control sources. There will be 96 sources of audio/video, 224 destinations — 160 video, 64 audio only, and 498 RS2323 serial ports.

The VIEW platform is ClearOne’s new line of IP-based HD audio/video distribution and control network products based on its patented StreamNet technology. StreamNet technology is used for streaming time-sensitive synchronous audio and video, as well as sending control over a local area network (LAN). StreamNet provides AV practitioners the capability to achieve AV over IP solutions by removing the effect of network delays and packet losses.

The VIEW solution provides functionality beyond A/V distribution, including media source control, a graphical user interface, sensor and relay control and much more. By distributing audio/video over standards based TCP/IP, significant improvements in scalability, flexibility, functionality, performance and price are achieved over traditional audio/video distribution methods. The VIEW solution provides Virtual LAN Cloud Matrix Switching allowing any source to be dynamically routed to any display or audio zone. ClearOne will also be holding presentation sessions in the ClearOne Theater at its booth on the StreamNet technology applications. These include the following:

What is AVoIP? – The industry clamor of AV and IT convergence has gone on for years, mostly being battled pro and con by one side or the other. But now AV over IP is being driven by the needs of the market. These market enablers include the arrival of high definition video signals, a myriad of video sources, digital signage applications, projection systems and the popularity and dramatic price drops of flat panel displays have made distribution of audio/video a must for commercial facilities.

What is TCP/IP Audio Distribution? – Standards based TCP/IP audio distribution provides the scalability benefits of the network but a fundamental problem with using TCP/IP to distribute digital audio to multiple zones is the synchronization of this time sensitive data. Without this synchronization, audio can cut out, crackle and echo. StreamNet technology provides a simple and elegant solution by removing the effect of network delays and provides practitioners with a high quality, high performance audio option that can be integrated with a video distribution solution or installed on its own. It can provide an end-to-end IP ecosystem for plug-n-play connectivity, A/V signal synchronization, high performance A/V reproduction, automatic device discovery and configuration, network control, and more.

What is Next Generation Digital Signage? – Digital signage has moved beyond a nice-to-have for businesses to a critical communication vehicle that is driving investments and revenue in infrastructure across diverse industries, enterprises, and applications.

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