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ISF-C Ramping Up for New Training

David Keene– Alan Brawn has told me that the ISF-C (Imaging Science Foundation- Commercial) program is “a new and revitalized ISF-C organization and we think you will be pleased with what is in store for the group over the next three months.”

ISF Commercial works in conjunction with manufacturers, integrators, and service providers to improve the quality and usability of commercial display systems. ISF Commercial has taken the lead in creating industry standards for commercial display calibration. As technologies have begun to converge, ISF Commercial is taking an increasingly active role in research and development to improve integration of commercial display systems. ISF also acts as advocate for the value of calibration and other functions that can improve the quality of systems throughout the industry.

I know that a significant move is that ISF-C has brought on a Managing Director– Jeff Murray formerly of SpectraCAL and prior to that Sencore. “Nobody knows the calibration industry better than Jeff and he will now be able to concentrate all that knowledge on training and furthering the industry overall,” Brawn told me. “His task will be to focus on the details of the organization day to day and make sure we are meeting the needs of both current and future ISF-C graduates. Jonathan and I will remain involved with some of the teaching but more focused on the creation of new courses to serve your needs as well as those of your clients.”

Brawn reports that they recently completed intensive work with Jeff to create a roadmap of new and in some cases revamped programs with both classroom and hands on training in each case.

Which leads to the ISF-C news release out today, from SpectrCAL– one of the ISF-C sponsors:

Improve Your Image Through Professional Certifications

In today’s competitive workplace, there are numerous benefits to industry certifications. Certifications have taken on a life of their own in medical, legal, architectural, audio visual and IT industries. It has become an essential part of job skills training, personal development and advancement.
Industry certifications provide professional credentials and a method of recognizing achievements and knowledge level.
Certifications improve job performance through increased knowledge and pride in working to an industry recognized standard.
ISF-C creates strategic partnerships between companies enabling key alliances, bringing new capabilities and sales opportunities.
Ultimately, a certification program can increase company differentiation from competitors.
InfoComm and numerous manufacturers, distributors, resellers, and end users have partnered with ISF Commercial to bring a comprehensive display calibration certification program to the commercial audiovisual and digital signage industries. This course is designed to bring an individual the education they need, from a deep understanding of display technology and design, to in depth technical training in display calibration.
The ISF-C two-day course teaches the science of light and color and how the human eye reacts to the images it sees. It is an exciting and comprehensive course for those who strive for perfection in producing visual images.

ISF Commercial Training and Certification Course Outline:
Introduction and Course Goals
Benefits of ISF Commercial
Why Calibration?
Light, Color, and the Human Eye
Specifications and What They Mean
Resolution, Aspect Ratio, and Scaling
Understanding Display Inputs
Display Technologies
Lamps and Illumination
Screen Technology Basics
Projection System Design Considerations
3D Technologies
Video Walls, Matching
Calibration 101
Advanced Calibration

After learning the science you will spend day 2 evaluating and calibrating displays and projectors. An examination is provided at the end of the course for those wanting to become ISF Commercial Certified and attain membership in the elite community of display experts recognized around the world as working to the highest standards.

The next ISF-C training will take place at:

Verrex Corporation in Mountainside, NJ November 9-10

For more information or to register:
1-877-886-5112, email or visit

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