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RMS Networks Announces Alliance with Minicom

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RMS Networks, Inc. (RMS) has announced a decision to align with digital signage powerhouse Minicom Advanced Systems in various marketing efforts. Minicom will be hosting RMS in a series of focused webinars in the upcoming months. The first of the series entitled “Enable Your Network with rVue” is scheduled for noon on November 14th. RMS has fully integrated control of Minicom’s Digital Signage distribution system, DS Vision 3000, into the company’s newest and most innovative offering rVue -- RMS’s proprietary digital content and advertising platform.

By integrating Minicom's technology into rVue, RMS further simplifies installation and integration of its digital signage networks, while continuing to provide its clients with exceptional quality and value. RMS has already completed rVue installations using the DS Vision 3000 with great success. In addition to adding control of the DS Vision 3000 to its rVue system, RMS is broadening its relationship with Minicom by joining its partner program, hosting webinars, and sharing other marketing resources. RMS' Chief Technology Officer, Jay Wilson, will be hosting the first webinar in November to show attendees the depth of rVue's capabilities in the world of addressable advertising. Wilson stated, "Minicom is a technology leader in digital signage and we are proud not only to utilize their technology but to partner with such a respected brand in this space."

According to Dave Haar, Vice President of Minicom’s Digital Signage Division, “Having Jay join our Partner Webinar Series and working with RMS to educate and enrich the knowledge base in the Digital Signage marketplace is a big win-win for both companies. RMS and Minicom both have extensive experience in the deployment of Digital Signage networks around the world. Working together enhances our respective positions in the market. We are especially excited about the DS Vision 3000 winning the best Connectivity Peripheral in the Product category of the DIGI Awards at the Digital Signage Show last week in New York further solidifying Minicom’s leadership position in the Digital Signage industry.”

For more information on Minicom Advanced Systems products/services, visit www.minicom.com.

For more information on RMS Networks products/services, visit www.rmsnetworks.com.


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