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AVAD Adds Celerity Technologies

  • AVAD LLC has added Celerity Technologies products to its line of vendors.
  • Celerity is a manufacturer of HDMI cables that take advantage of the highest technology and standards to provide connection for today's high definition AV components, including 3D and 4K video applications. Requiring no external power adapters or extenders, the cables are designed for single and multiple room HDMI connections where distance between the source and display is extended.
  • Celerity supports distances up to 1,000 feet without loss of signal integrity and HDMI specification, the company says. Available in multiple lengths, the cables help consumers realize ideal color, contrast and brightness characteristics in any setting.
  • Products like the Celerity Fiber Optic HDMI cables are easy to install through walls, ceiling and floor spaces, and even through air ducts commonly found in business buildings. Celerity maintains technology and business research relationships around the world to ensure that their products are fully compatible with today's high definition components.
  • "AVAD appreciates the efforts of manufacturers like Celerity who listen closely to the industry and incorporate the technologies that dealers need into their products," said Hugh Hughes, director of merchandising from AVAD. "The versatility of their fiber optic HDMI technology is due in large part to Celerity recognizing the limitations of traditional copper cables and synthesizing the need for solutions that can guarantee a beautiful and stable video production."
  • Celerity's full line of HDMI cables will be available through AVAD.
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