Daktronics for Mexico City Stadium

  • Daktronics Inc. has announced that it will provide an integrated LED super system including video, scoring and advertising displays for Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City. The arena is scheduled to open in the fall of 2011 with installation of the multi-million dollar Daktronics system beginning in the spring of 2011, said the company.
  • “The two key factors for us selecting Daktronics were quality and experience. Daktronics has a proven history of providing a superior product, with exceptional quality,” said Guillermo Garza, CFO of Avalanz and director of the Arena Ciudad de Mexico construction project.
  • Daktronics will design and manufacture displays for Arena Ciudad de Mexico, including a large area display wrapping the facade of the building, two ribbon displays circling the inside of the arena and one of the world’s largest centerhung displays, according to the company.
  • “With a project of this magnitude, the success was achievable due to great teamwork, great relationships and a superior product,” said Kyle Isenberg, sales, Daktronics, Brookings, S.D. “Arena Ciudad de Mexico will, without exception, be a world-class venue, with one of the largest centerhung systems in the world.”
  • The exterior of the building will feature a display spanning approximately 29 m high by 209 m wide (93 feet and 6 inches by 686 feet) utilizing PXS-125 ProPixel LED stick elements, said the company. This unique technology will be mounted on the exterior of the building above an open-air concourse area. These full-color LED strips allow for great visibility and image clarity for those viewers in front of the display, while allowing those behind the display to see through it, according to the company.
  • The centerhung configuration alone will include 12 LED video displays and will measure approximately 13.9 m high by 23.8 m wide (46 feet by 78 feet), weighing approximately 68,000 kilograms (150,000 pounds), said the company. The two largest displays will have 10 mm pixel spacing and measure approximately 11.1 m high by 19.9 m wide (36 feet and 6 inches by 65 feet and 6 inches), according to the company. There will also be two square displays on the ends of the rectangular centerhung and eight additional displays, two each on the top and bottom of each side of the structure, said the company. The displays will show dynamic live video, dazzling graphics, custom animation, full-color graphics and logos, up-to-the-minute sports statistics, timing and results information, and more, said the company.
  • The main centerhung display will be raised and lowered using a permanently installed custom designed Vortek hoist system from Daktronics, according to the company. This system, which incorporates the latest in hoisting technology and safety, will be used to support the display at varying elevations depending on the venue’s needs, said the company.
  • Complementing the primary centerhung scoreboard will be two LED ribbon boards mounted on the interior fascia of the seating decks, said the company. The largest will measure more than 361 meters (1,184 feet) in length and the second will extend over 181 meters (594 feet), said the company. Daktronics LED displays are extremely popular with fans and sponsors alike because of their ability to present exciting motion graphics and real-time content, including in-game statistics, out-of-town scores, closed captioning information, animation and video clips, said the company.
  • Daktronics’ powerful new Show Control System will be front and center in the video control room. Its robust software suite allows users to design, edit and produce an endless variety of colorful digital content and instantly deliver clips to the displays throughout the venue, according to the company.

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