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Turbosound Updates Website Downloads

West Sussex, England--Turbosound announced that it has updated and improved the Downloads section of its website, providing all software downloads and preset files from one convenient location.

Available files include:

• EASE Focus2 aiming software for use in 3D modeling sound system performance
• EASE data files in .gll and .spk file formats for selected Turbosound speaker ranges, plus details of how Turbosound can help to specify an install project using EASE
• TurboDrive software and the BVNet installer, for network control of all powered loudspeakers, networkable amplifiers and controllers
• GigMate software and definition files
• LMS series controller presets organised by market sector - live, portable and installed Presets for all our powered loudspeakers and amplifiers
• Excel spreadsheet with master crossover and limiter settings, and the component finder for all Turbosound loudspeaker models
• The Lake Turbosound installer for use with the 20000DP and PLM series amplifiers