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The Greatest Digital Signage Show On Earth

The Greatest Digital Signage Show On Earth

In just under 3 weeks, the digital signage industry will convene en mass in Las Vegas, NV for the 15th Digital Signage Expo (DSE). Wow, I cannot believe this is the 15th year of this show. It seems only yesterday we were all talking about this new idea called digital signage at Navy Pier in Chicago, IL—it is amazing how far DSE and the industry has come in 15 years. Today, digital signage is part of our everyday lexicon and is a core strategy for organizations looking to impact, educate, communicate, and drive a message to their audiences.

If you are one of those rare individuals who has never been to DSE and want to know why you need to attend, here are 5 major reasons to be there.

1. Education

The core foundation of DSE is education. There is a massive amount of education happening in the pre-show sessions alone: DOOH Strategy Summit, Digital Experience Forum, Digital Workplace Summit, Digital Signage Certified Expert, Digital Signage Display Expert, SEGD Branded Environments, Intel Technical Bootcamp, and New Attendee Bootcamp. Then, during the show, there are education tracks focusing on Digital Signage Fundamentals, General Education, Retail, Restaurant, Corporate Communications, Education, DOOH, Pro AV/IT System Integrators, and Emerging Tech Talks. You will also find an abundance of on-floor presentations covering all aspects of digital signage. The week closes with further Digital Signage Certified Experts programs focusing content (DCME) and network (DSNE). Just an abundance of education.

2. Networking

Networking is huge during this week. Between on-show-floor meetings, pre-conferences, education courses, enduser networking spaces, evening events (big Peerless-AV Party Wednesday night sponsored by many other exhibitors), and engaging with the Digital Signage Federation (DSF), this is an opportunity to meet others like you and build upon that massive Rolodex that will be needed to be successful with your projects. Make sure to spend a lot of time on the show floor and build relationships with suppliers. We are here to show our wares, but also to support you. Also, don't forget to attend the APEX Awards; this is the award show for the industry and there are some amazing submissions this year.

3. Strategy

Strategy is key. In fact, it is a critical part of being successful with a digital signage implementation. Without a strong strategy, you will struggle. There is a lot of education covering strategies. In fact, I will be supporting the DOOH Strategy Summit on Tuesday, as well as teaching a course on How to Accurately Measure Digital Signage ROI on Thursday. Both are core to setting strategies. There are many other courses which will help in setting your strategies.

4. Partnership Development

Partnership development is yet another major reason to attend DSE. Where else will you get to meet with all of the aspects of the solution and build your partnerships? Each aspect of the solution is there, and this is the perfect opportunity to see how their solution works and what is needed in order to develop an ecosystem of partners. Remember: engage, engage, engage. Spend time understanding why their technology is key to your business needs. Of course, the best place to start that will be to engage with the DSF in Booth 1343.

5. Technology

The last major reason to attend is the technology. This is the only U.S. show dedicated to digital signage and is the only place you will get to see any all types of technology focused towards this market under one roof. The gang is all here, and you will get to see some amazing technologies that will help you with your journey. By the end of the week, you will see some amazing solutions focusing on delivering a message.

I kind of lied earlier saying there are only 5 reasons to attend DSE. There is actually one more major reason, and that is because it is core to growing your organization. Whether you are an end user, an integrator, a manufacturer, a consultant, or a designer, it doesn't matter. DSE will give you the tools you need to be successful.

So why are you waiting? Go to and sign up for the show; also note that if you join the DSF you get major discounts on the show and on all the education. What a deal. So why are you still reading this and not at the DSE website?

Rich Ventura is vice president of strategy at NEC and chairman of the DSF. To learn more about what NEC is showcasing at DSE, visit or see Rich in Booth 1506.

This blog was originally published on LinkedIn.

Richard Ventura

Rich Ventura is the vice president of B2B for Sony Imaging Products and Solutions Professional Division. Ventura has spent over 20 years focusing on display solutions, display technologies, projectors, and direct view LED, and is a longstanding member of many organizations within the industry—including the Digital Signage Federation, of which he was formerly chairman of the board. In 2018, Ventura was inducted into the SCN Hall of Fame. He holds a B.A. in history from the University of MN-Morris and an M.B.A. from Hamline University. He is a retired member of the Minnesota National Guard after 10 years of service in the military.