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Trending at Infocomm 2016

Infocomm has always been a video show, and this year we have seen the next phase. No, I’m not talking about 8K or 12K I’m talking about the displays themselves. This year they’re more durable, they’re concave, they’re transparent and mirrored, they are bigger, and have lost the bezel. Samsung is showing displays sprayed with water, hit with a hammer and vibrated. Planar has a transparent display showcasing retail applications. Then there was the release of Sony’s luscious Canvas Display – a mammoth “high-end visual display that redefines the landscape for large-scale visual entertainment.” No words can do this feast-for-the-eyes justice; for it is a must see.

Planar is also showcasing a 30-foot by 18-foot tall video wall along with countless others showing larger than life displays with no frame and without projection. Indeed, we are experiencing a massive shift in the video wall market. If you want to stick with a screen and not a ‘wall’, there is always Sharp’s new 120-inch 4k set.

Projectors continue to lose their lamps. Sony has their next generations of laser projectors. Epson is showcasing a 25,000-lumen ‘flame-thrower, and Casio’s lamp free projectors are also in the mix.

Did I mention my retinas might be permanently burned?

Digital signage is also moving into the future. Growing weary, I sought out coffee and came upon Scala’s experience. You enter your name, picture and order on an iPad. Once the coffee is ready, it shows up on the digital signage above along with the information you entered. They see the future as placing your order at home, and when you enter a geo-fenced area within the proximity of the coffee shop, your request would be made.

Evolution of both manufactures and technologies is present all over this years’ show floor.