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Tough Customers, Part 1

by Danny Maland One of the things that's great about working with others is that a crew or team will start to build a library of “war stories.” War stories are those narratives which reveal the true character of people involved with a crew, and do so by relating significant troubles, or legendary exploits, or stom

The Plow and The Field, Part 1

by Danny Maland In keeping with my theme of “things that Grandpa Maland said...or could be imagined to say,” the farm-boy maxim for this blog is below: “Well sure, you can get yerself a better horse. You could get yerself one of them brand new plows. Heck, you can mortgage the whole farm for some better implements

Flying X-Series Aircraft, Part 1

by Danny Maland Back on June 14th, my posted blog (“ Can't We Part This Out? ”) dealt with the troublesome issue of being unable to find a mixing console that was the right fit for my needs. In a scenario right out of “Goldilocks,” every console I looked at was not quite what I needed. Not enough channels, not enou

On the Road to InfoComm: Part 1 by Sue Horwitz

I haven’t confirmed this, but it looks like 170 new exhibitors will be brand new at this year's InfoComm. This means more products and services for AV/IT Tech Managers to store in their little black book of solutions for any problem. I am a bit of a research junkie so I thought perusing sites might help me uncover tre

Lessons Learned from Apple EdTech Deployments: Part 1

School districts have purchased more than 10 million iPads so far, and colleges such as Abilene Christian University have been using iOS devices for five years or more. All of those deployments add up to plenty of opportunities for schools that haven’t deployed Apple gear to learn what to expect.