Washington State University (WSU) recently selected five HuddleVU collaborative systems from FSR to encourage and facilitate group learning among its students and faculty. The systems were installed within the school’s library on its Tri-Cities Campus in Richland, WA, in a space created for students and faculty to work on projects together, collaborate with others outside of their majors, conduct study groups, and host small classes.

Working within a tight timeframe, the school’s IT department, headed by director Aaron Brumbaugh, sought a solution that could be installed swiftly and utilized with little or no training, all before the fall semester.

Brumbaugh specified FSR’s complete range of HuddleVU collaborative products, and choose a combination of systems to meet the school’s specific needs. FSR’s HuddleVU systems are designed to allow multiple users to share and view their laptops, tablets, and smartphone screens on a main display. Configurations include single-monitor systems that seat up to seven, and the “Dugout,” with two viewing levels and one or two large-monitor screens that accommodate 12.

Brumbaugh and his team installed two Dugout models in the school library’s Student Success Center, and single-monitor HuddleVU solutions in an adjacent area. WSU’s IT and facilities staffs worked together to accomplish a straightforward installation that took approximately one week from the time the units were delivered to the time they were put into use.

“Although FSR tech support was always available, there wasn’t a need for it,” Brumbaugh said. “Within five minutes of our first demo to a group of staff and faculty, that same group had a meeting using the system. Since then, the HuddleVUs have been used every day that the space is open, including spring break. We have had groups of students using them to study, watch recorded lectures, and eat lunch while watching YouTube or a movie from their laptops. Faculty members have held breakout sessions, study groups, and even held small classes. The staff has used them for small meetings.

According to Brumbaugh, WSU would like to see more of the collaboration units installed around campus, and he’s been exploring areas that could accommodate single-monitor HuddleVU stations.