Audinate has made its Dante Domain Manager Platform commercially available through a global network of authorized resellers.

Dante Domain Manager is Audinate’s new network management solution that brings enterprise-grade system administration to the AV world and aims to make audio networking more secure, scalable, and manageable.

This technology provides AV and IT professionals with the ability to define specific AV device groupings by room, building, and site, through the creation of independent Dante Domains. Each domain has multiple access levels to improve network security, and enables scalability by allowing audio routing across multiple IP subnets.

“Networked audio systems are commonly being delivered over standard IT data networks,” said Lee Ellison, chief executive officer at Audinate. “Dante Domain Manager provides AV and IT professionals with a scalable and secure network solution that can build upon existing and new installations of Dante-enabled products. Dante Domain Manager puts more control in the hands of the system integrator, delivering enterprise-level network management and security.”

The network domain concept was first pioneered by the IT industry to differentiate and manage multiple private networks within the same infrastructure. Audinate is applying this same approach to AV, while customizing the features to the needs of AV professionals and end users.

Available in three editions, Dante Domain Manager can be tailored to meet user needs and budgets.

The Silver edition is listed at $995 and is suited for installations that primarily require user management, such as smaller houses of worship or schools, with a maximum of two domains and 10 audio devices.

The Gold edition is listed at $3,995 and includes integration with Active Directory and is suited for many mid-sized business environments, supporting up to 10 domains and 50 devices.

The Platinum edition is listed at $9,995 and covers management needs of large-scale installations and expands support up to 50 domains and up to 250 devices. This edition includes SNMP alerting and a fully redundant “high availability” option for mission-critical systems.

Audinate will showcase Dante Domain Manager at the annual Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) at its booth, 6-H160.