On-Stage, the musical instrument accessories division of The Music People, is now offering the TBM7000 Straight Trombone Mute and the GTP7000 mini pedal tuner.

TBM7000 Straight Trombone Mute is for professionals as well as students. The pitch-neutral spun aluminum TBM7000 features a natural cork gasket for a precise bell fit that attenuates volume while preserving accurate intonation.

“Mutes give trombonists the power to customize the moment,” said Chris Senter, On-Stage product line manager. “But the fit, finish and feel have to be exact, which is why we developed the TBM7000.”

The GTP7000 mini pedal tuner is complete with over-sized, high visibility four color strobe or half strobe display. The compact chromatic mode tuner integrates discreetly and securely with any effects board. The 9v DC powered GTP7000 also boasts a 430 - 450Hz pitch range and +/- 0.5 tuning tolerance as well as true bypass circuitry for absolute signal integrity.

“Great things really do come in small packages,” said Chris Roberts, On-Stage product line manager. “The GTP7000 has everything a guitarist could want in a pedal tuner -- especially the out-sized, easy-read display -- all in an incredibly space-saving design.”