Smart Technology for the Smart HealthCare -

Smart Technology for the Smart HealthCare

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PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt Ltd. at Telemedicon2016 showcases it's #VideoConferencing, #Telemedicine & #EMR Integrated Solutions for the future of #DigitalHealth. #SmartTechnology for a #SmartHealthcare

The 12th International Conference of Telemedicine Society of India that is being held for the first time in association with American Telemedicine Association #ATA. PeopleLink Unified Communications Pvt Ltd. joins the event as the #VideoConferencePartner for Widening the reach of Healthcare in a more better & Smarter way through advanced #Telemedicine services & # PeopleCare-HealthcarePortal.

PeopleLink’s Advanced Healthcare Collaboration. Doctor Patient. White Board. Video and Audio Library upload facility for Waiting room. Discount Coupon. Setting Option. Enter Appointment Option. Different Medical Equipment Connectivity. Screen Sharing. Multiple Camera Connectivity. Key Features: Integration Payment Gateways & HMS APIs Consultation Diagnosis Multiparty Connectivity with various stakeholders Treatment Support Rehabilitation & Virtual Critical Care Assistance PeopleCare platform Enables Hospitals, Clinics & Doctors to collaborate into a single platform where they can reach out and provide better Healthcare services with PeopleLink simplefied Business model. • Schedule Virtual Consultation sessions • Up to 4 party video connectivity option • Connectivity with different medical equipment's • Multiple camera support • Virtual Waiting room for online patients • Option for Digital Signage in the virtual waiting room • Whiteboard • Screen Sharing •1 Million Patient Registrations • Schedule Virtual Consultation sessions • Whiteboard • Screen Sharing • Easy selection of specialists for seeking consultation • Appointments & Reminders for scheduled consultation. 

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Healthcare Messaging Group and Samsung Smart Signage

The Healthcare Messaging Group, a digital signage service provider for the NHS, is one of the first companies in the UK to switch to Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform, powered by Signagelive. Signagelive has configured its technology to integrate with Samsung’s Smart Signage Display range. The company’s new System on Chip (SoC) software is written in HTML5 and replicates the functionality of its PC-based software. The new software version is enabling The Healthcare Messaging Group to provide NHS hospitals with digital signage capabilities at a competitive price and without needing to install any onsite hardware.

SXSW Interactive 2017 – Technology and the Smart City promo image

SXSW Interactive 2017 – Technology and the Smart City

What better place to get a taste of an important new technology market than SXSW Interactive 2017, this week in Austin. And the fact that–this time–the new market involves not more quasi-useful social media apps but nothing less than the lofty goal of improving civic life– the Smart City movement–is a surprise and a breath of fresh air in this year of contentious political dialogue.