ADAM Audio Announces their Special A77X Monitor Stand Program -

ADAM Audio Announces their Special A77X Monitor Stand Program

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Nashville, TN (September 27, 2016) —ADAM Audio is pleased to announce its limited time special acoustic isolation stand program for their award-winning A77X monitors, which have quickly become a standard among boutique and project studios who have the need for high quality, superior performance and well-priced midfield monitors. With this special offer, which runs from September 29-November 30, 2016, customers who purchase a pair of A77X monitors will receive a free pair of IsoAcousticsISO-L8R430 acoustic isolation stands, valued at over $200 U.S.

“At ADAM Audio, we are passionate about providing precise monitoring solutions. Like our customers, we understand that studio monitors are the final say on all decisions made in the recording process,” says David Hetrick, President of ADAM Audio US. “We also know that we send our babies out into a wide variety of environments and that is why we’re very pleased to be able to offer a free pair of IsoAcoustics stands to compliment the superior performance of an A77X pair, so that we can assist every engineer and audio professional with every aspect of their monitoring needs.”

The A77X is a horizontally designed monitor which combines all of the technical innovations of ADAM’s acclaimed AX-Series. With its powerful, compression-free sound reproduction and excellent radiation characteristics, the A77X is suitable both for nearfield and midfield monitoring. A notable special feature of the A77X is its 2 1⁄2-way system; both 7” woofers work together from 38 Hz up to 400 Hz where one woofer fades out and the second woofer continues to operate in the midrange up to 3 kHz. This prevents interferences and possible phase cancellation in the critical midrange; even though frequency transitions and potential distortions lie outside these areas, the human ear is particularly sensitive to midrange frequencies. Especially noteworthy in the A77X is the extremely wide stereo foundation and brilliant stereo imaging. Treble and mids are reproduced with three-dimensional realism and the lows are, as expected from a double woofer design, massive without compromising on precision.

IsoAcoustics’ ISO-L8R430stands are intended to support large speaker monitors for the professional and project studios, and are designed to bring out the best in any monitor system. The stands’ patented isolation technology allows the monitors to remain on axis, while eliminating the energy transfer to the surrounding surfaces. The result is an enhanced sound clarity, superior isolation, tightening up of the bass and opening up of the mid-range. The ISO-L8R430’s also offer tilt adjustments to ensure the optimum angle desired by the user.

“We are very pleased that ADAM chose to offer their customers the IsoAcoustics solution to bring out the best performance in their monitors,” says IsoAcoustics Founder and President Dave Morrison. “IsoAcoustics is excited to work with such a forward-thinking company as ADAM Audio, who are raising the standards of what recording professionals can expect from their studio monitors.”

Customers may receive one free IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R430stand for each A77X monitor purchased during this program. To receive the IsoAcoustics stands, U.S. customers need to purchase A77X monitors from an authorized ADAM Audio dealer,download the mail-in form here or from either the dealer’s website or from the ADAM Audio website, and mail it in to the address provided with a copy of their original receipt. Submissions must be postmarked by December 30, 2016. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

About IsoAcoustics Inc.

IsoAcoustics stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of virtually all speakers and amplification systems, including large and small desktop, bookshelf and floor standing speakers for audiophiles, hi-fi enthusiasts and consumers, home theatre systems, as well as musical instrument amplifiers and speakers used in professional audio settings. AlI IsoAcoustics stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that allows speakers to float in free space, resulting in authentic, clear uncolored sound.

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