The TIDE Conference Moves The AV Conversation Forward -

The TIDE Conference Moves The AV Conversation Forward

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Are emotions, memories and stories as important for successful technological projects as 4K, 4:4:4 or IP? Yes, according to the InfoComm team who created the TIDE Conference. TIDE—an acronym for Technology, Innovation, Design, and Experience—was conceived and actualized to encourage AV stakeholders to re-imagine the technological possibilities and celebrate immersive storytelling.

Since AV has risen in its profile as an enterprise essential, “it’s time to think differently about the industry,” said Brad Grimes, InfoComm International’s Director of Communications, “and focus on the importance of storytelling.” Integral to that paradigm shift is “viewing AV technologies as key building blocks for new kinds of solutions," he added.

TIDE made its debut yesterday at the Hyatt Regency. Though it’s a new event (and new concept), the industry’s reception has been enthusiastically positive. Rachel Bradshaw, InfoComm’s Director of Expositions Content, stated, “The industry is ready and receptive for this kind of conversation. We all know that experiences truly matter.”

In TIDE Talks throughout the day, speakers shared their insights from the design, retail, entertainment, VR, AR, and science communities. All presenters underscored how storytelling has become a critical aspect of their organizational missions. Stories can shape how or if we connect, what we remember and how we make meaning out of our interactions.

This sentiment was echoed by Jake Barton, CEO of Local Projects and creative director of Interactive Exhibits at The 9/11 Memorial Museum. In a moving TIDE Talk about the emotional blueprint of AV integration at The 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York, Barton emphasized, “The key to engagement is emotion.”

Another goal of the TIDE conference is to broaden the conversation and bring new decision-makers to the AV table. Brad Grimes added: “This is part of our mission to evolve the AV ecosystem to reflect a more solutions-oriented conversation.”


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