SCN Digital Edition—March 2017

SCN Digital Edition—March 2017

In This Edition:

— There is a saying that a shark must constantly swim or else it might drown. The same might be said of music and entertainment venues. Whether new, old, or revitalized, they need to stay up to date with technology or they may risk losing their audience.

— You have a position to fill, and a former employee happens to be available. It seems like a no-brainer to hire them back. But before you get caught up in the romance of reunion, it's wise to ask yourself a few (unromantic) questions.

— Ari Fuchs, director of DAK Group, sheds some light on the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions in the AV industry, and what we can expect in the coming year.

—What are the implications of using voice and audio for the future of audiovisual systems interactions, and what design considerations and trends are we seeing that might affect the use of this popular technology in professional audiovisual applications?

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