SCN Digital Edition—September 2016 -

SCN Digital Edition—September 2016

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Inside this issue:

  • The lecture capture wave is expanding its reach in higher ed, most prominently into four-year institutions. What are some of the products and technologies that are driving its adoption into the mainstream?
  • The reality is, your highest-performing employees will probably leave, presenting you with a choice: Do you tell them not to let the door hit them on the way out, or do you lay the groundwork for a solid, fruitful relationship long after they're gone?
  • Fulcrum Acoustic's Dave Guinness discusses how his background in electroacoustics helped develop the engineering foundation for his pioneering efforts in integrated speaker design.
  • Success has become synonymous with companies like Facebook and Google and a variety of other seemingly overnight breakout stars. But it's never really that easy. Just because we work in technology doesn't mean we're poised to be the next Instagram.