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BenQ Ultra-Bright SX914 Projector

The What: BenQ is shipping its high-brightness SX914 projector, an ultra-bright device equipped with Colorific image quality for accurate, crisp, and long-lasting color reproduction.

The What Else: Delivering one billion colors and XGA native resolution, the SX914 offers a superior viewing experience even in rooms with ambient light. In addition to flexible installation features, easy maintenance options, and 3D support, the SX914 provides eco-friendly functions to lower the device's total cost of ownership (TCO).

To project to any surface, even in rooms with the lights on, the SX914 is equipped with a brilliant 6,000 ANSI lumens of light output and a high contrast ratio of 6500:1—enabling big-screen projection in big, bright environments. Using the SX914 projector's XGA resolution, better per-pixel detail is delivered to conference rooms and lecture halls for more accurate color representation, crisper contrasts, and longer-lasting picture quality.

The Why: "Whether used in a university auditorium, corporate assembly space, or big classroom environment, we've created the perfect solution for any of today's large-venue applications. With a combination of high-performance features, Colorific image quality, and energy-saving functions, the SX914 is the complete package for great presentations, even in rooms where lights need to be kept on." — Kristin Kennedy, Associate Vice President, U.S. Sales at BenQ America Corp.

One More Thing: With LAN Control, the SX914 enables both audio and video to be delivered over a single LAN cable, allowing IT managers to remotely manage and maintain their devices directly from their workstations.