Florida Church Builds Sound Around Roland M-5000 OHRCA Console

  • Anthem Community Church in Gainesville, FL, holds itself to a high standard of contemporary worship, matching its affiliated church, Atlanta-based North Point Ministries, which is among the largest churches in the U.S. High-energy music is a characteristic of both churches, so when Anthem built its new location, which opened in January 2017, it sought out the best professional audio systems possible. That included the Roland M-5000 OHRCA Digital Mixing Console as the hub of the church’s sound infrastructure.
  • “Anthem Community Church is a very tech-savvy church, and they had a very specific set of input/output requirements in mind,” said Jeremy Moyers, president of the Moyers Group, the AV integration company that has worked with that church since 2008. “For instance, they mix all of their monitors, including eight stereo channels just for IEMs, from the FOH console, so they required a lot of I/O and a lot of very configurable, flexible I/O in that console. Also, they will have a very wide range of users running sound at the church, from professional engineers to volunteers, so whatever console that was going to be selected would need to be extremely flexible when it came to how it’s operated. That narrowed down the field of candidates very quickly.”
  • Moyers said there were only two console candidates, and the Roland M-5000 was quickly selected. The M-5000 met all of the church’s requirements, including 48-channels of playback and recording with no repatching necessary, and a dedicated app for remote control from an iPad with support for Retina displays. But it was the M-5000’s routing flexibility and user-friendliness that closed the deal.
  • “We were blown away by the flexibility that we could achieve in terms of signal path on the M-5000,” Moyers said. “They can configure that console any way they need, day to day, service to service.” For instance, different elements can be assigned to each of the console’s eight fader banks, such as mix channels to one fader section and DCAs to a second fader section. And the ease of use of the design allows operators of any level of expertise to get exactly what they need out of the console. “Anyone can walk right up to this console and start using it; it’s that simple,” Moyers said. “That’s important for Anthem because they lean heavily on volunteers to run their systems.”