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Zuzor and Orbbec Partner to Enable Easy, Interactive, Experiential AV Installs

Zuzor, a software company, has partnered with 3D camera manufacturer Orbbec to provide an experiential media solution for the pro AV industry.

Orbbec Astra’s 3D cameras work with Zuzor's software to create a quick, customized experiential media installation on any display technology with remote authoring and management capabilities.

Watch the video below to see what the Orbbec and Zuzor can achieve together.

“As displays become more intelligent, more interactive, and more experiential, we are excited to partner with Orbbec to combine their revolutionary hardware and our revolutionary software to enable new experiences and new human connections at a scale never seen before.” said Tammuz Dubnov, founder of Zuzor. 

“We are happy to collaborate with Zuzor," added Agnes Zheng, director of sales at Orbbec. "With our Astra 3D cameras and Zuzor's fantastic software for experiential environments, clients are provided an easy-to-use package which offers high-quality, fully immersive interactive content. This solution helps retailers encourage repeated visits, boost social media exposure, generate sales revenue, and further reinforce a brand's message.” 

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