You Have to See This Next-Level Check-In—Hotels Go Virtual with Holograms

A hologram welcomes a guest at a Best Western hotel.
(Image credit: Holoconnects/Justin Dawes)

Well, we have robots serving our food, so why not a hologram checking you in at your next hotel stay? As we move into a more virtual world, Holoconnects, a Dutch startup, partnered with Aiden by Best Western Hotels to bring this innovative check-in experience to its guests.

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"After walking through the front door and past a motion detector, the guest is greeted with a pre-recorded hologram video that’s projected into a Holobox, the hologram box that is over 6-feet tall and 3-feet wide and contains a touchscreen that’s 86-inches tall," wrote Justin Dawes

While it may be a little jarring at first if unexpected, it sure looks like its more fun that checking in at a kiosk touchscreen. Here, you can see for yourself in this video from at Vimeo from Justin Dawes

Wayne Cavadi
Senior Content Manager

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