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XTEN-AV Strengthens AV Platform with Harman Professional

XTEN-AV strengthens its AV platform in collaboration with Harman Professional
(Image credit: XTEN-AV)

XTEN-AV has partnered with Harman Professional to streamline the flow of accurate  information about the company's new products on the XTEN-AV platform. 

XTEN-AV believes this new alliance will "establish a milestone upgrade in the seamless experience offered by the XTEN-AV Platform", as Harman Professional’s umbrella brands—AKG, AMX, BSS  Audio, Crown Audio, dbxPRO, JBL, LexiconPRO, Martin Lighting, Soundcraft, and Studer—would be built on the platform to offer seamless information  flow to users, along with providing constant updates and product information for creating AV  designs. 

“The XTEN-AV vision of complete automation of AV designing and projects has led us to onboard several manufacturing partners, crucial players from the industry to expand our platform database and empower AV system integrators and designers to excel," said Vibhav Singh, co-founder, XTEN-AV. "XTEN-AV is looking to enhance the existing potentials of the software in tandem with accommodating newer technologies to provide a quick and seamless experience to its users."

"A comprehensive and ever-growing catalog of products and technologies from trustworthy brands has not only  encouraged more systems designers to migrate to the latest products, but has managed to bring forth a higher efficiency to the industry, as purported by multiple manufacturers," added Sahil Dhingra, co-founders, XTEN-AV. "This further validates our stance that capable software will bring tangible changes in the AV space."

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