With AMD, Together We Advance

AMD is advancing space exploration as discussed by a current NASA robotics engineer and Dr. Su of AMD.
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At CES 2023, Advanced Micro Devices chair and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su took the stage at the Venetian to discuss the future vision of computing. While Su and AMD’s theme for CES is ‘Together We Advance,’ it went a little deeper in Wednesday’s keynote. Su called upon a myriad of guests that will be showcasing new and enhanced solutions at CES 2023 to discuss how, together with AMD, collaboration unlocks innovation.

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As Su pointed out, AI is transformative, visionary, and pervasive. What she called the single most megatrend in technology has a hold on all we do, from shopping online to gaming. The bottom line is, intelligence needs computing power; efficient, low-latency, long-lasting power. “The pandemic made it clear that semiconductors are absolutely essential to everything we do,” Su said. With the growth of AI, technology is becoming smarter, and AMD chips are more important than ever.

Beginning with the announcement of the powerful AMD Ryzen 7040 notebook processor, Su shared the stage with guests from an array of verticals:

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  • AI: Microsoft EVP and chief product officer Panos Panay discussed how Microsoft is using AMD technologies to advance processing for AI from the popular Windows Studio Effects platform to the Xbox. “AMD has been at the forefront of computer tech, but now AMD is at the forefront of AI technology with Ryzen,” explained Panay.
  • Hybrid work: As Su pointed out, more than 80% of employees like working from home but more than half struggle with connectivity issues. HP president and CEO Enrique Lores joined Su to discuss how HP and AMD saw hybrid life as a catalyst for innovation. While discussing the new HP Dragonfly Pro, Lores said, “What we have found is when we put the AMD and HP teams together, magic happens.”
  • Gaming: There are over 3 billion gamers in the world, and judging by the roar of the crowd, quite a few were on hand. Lenovo will be unveiling the Legion Pro Series that uses the new Ryzen 7040 to take gaming to the next level. With innovations from AMD, 50 different Lenovo laptops will push the gaming envelope further with improved bandwidth, increased frames per second, and longer battery life.
  • Adaptive computing: Su brought out several guests including Bob DeSantis of Intuitive, to discuss how AMD-backed adaptive computing is changing lives in the automotive, health care, aerospace travel, and industrial verticals. AMD enables surgeons to obtain better outcomes with products like Intuitive’s da Vinci surgical platform, enhancing surgery and early detection and literally saving lives. Dr. Cady Coleman, the lead robotics and science officer who not only traveled to space, but served on the space station, discussed how AMD is changing the future outside Earth’s atmosphere. Explorers get a whole new toolbox, she said, and the AMD Virtex FPGA family powers the Artemis and Orion, which are not only taking people to the moon, but Coleman hopes will one day let people stay there and explore.
  • Sustainable computing: Lastly, Su showed how cloud services and enterprise industries both use AMD, highlighting that much of the hit Avatar: The Way of Water had visuals built by AMD technologies. Furthermore, Using AMD Epyc Advantage can achieve higher performance with less servers. Epyc can save 52 billion kilowatt hours of electricity and avoid 26 tons of CO2 emissions, not only enhancing our future, but bettering it.
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