Webinar Today 2pm EST: Digital Signage for Corp./Ed Campuses

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I’m looking forward to a very deep dive–not another “Digital Signage 101”–into the most compelling digital signage trends and technologies that are transforming educational and corporate campuses today. I encourage you to join the interactive discussion tomorrow, Today, March 2nd, 2pm EST, for the free webinar “Your Digital Campus: Five ways digital signage leaves a lasting impression”. To register, click here.

The webinar, moderated by myself, David Keene, Executive Editor, NewBay Media, will feature one of the country’s top experts, Eric Henry, President, Tightrope Media Systems, who will share his deep knowledge of what AV integrators and digital signage end users are looking for, and what’s he’s seeing evolving– trends, and best practices, and clarification on the functionality and performance of digital signage content management software platforms.

We know that in an age where our biggest challenge as content creators is peeling eyes up from smartphone screens for two seconds, dynamic digital and interactive content has become one of the most versatile and cost-effective ways to engage, inform, and leave a lasting impression on visitors. But this webinar will drill down and show what is being demanded by sophisticated users today, and what is being offered by the best providers to really engage people, not just flash messages at them as they pass by. We’ll cover:

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• The latest video wall trends

• Campus Directories

• It’s not just about large screens– how users are now distributing messaging on more kinds of screens

• Emergency Alert systems– how does digital signage compliment and work with other on-campus non-digital signage alert systems

• Content Administration issues as you deploy to more locations

And, most important of all: we’ll look at how you differentiate among digital signage content management software platforms, when so many providers of the different platforms claim they “do it all”. 

Join us Thursday March 2nd. To register (free of charge), click here.


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Webinar Today– InfoComm Wrap-Up

Today's Webinar will revisit some of the hot technologies and trends that we saw– or missed in the fog of tech wars on the floor– last week at InfoComm... 4K, Outdoor digital signage, Wireless, and more.

Digital Signage for the Campus– the Special Challenges

David Keene– The use of digital signage in the university environment has been ramping up. The mandate to provide students, faculty, and staff with not just useful information but safety instruction in case of emergencies is clear. And this industry has a number of digital signage content management software providers especially who have really come to understand this market, where it’s not about ad sales or clever marketing, but effective communication to the world’s most information-hungry, mobile, “customers”.

Webinar Today: Choosing Displays for Digital Signage

David Keene– In today’s Webinar, a kind of added bonus to the material on “choosing displays” for digital signage will be Chris Connery’s look at the market itself. Chris (with DisplaySearch) will be doing something of an “encore” of his Presentation just a few weeks ago at our Digital Signage 2011 virtual trade show.

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ADA and Digital Signage Webinar Tuesday

Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 2pm Eastern time a special Webinar with industry expert Mike Luttrell will guide digital signage and AV professionals through the most recent ADA (American with Disabilities Act) guidelines.