“We Are the Countervirus” PSA DOOH Initiative Runs Globally

This print ad that ran in Ad Age this week is an example of the messaging and style of the new PSA campaign. (Image credit: DPAA)

DPAA, the global organization for everything digital out-of-home, in collaboration with independent ad agency Madwell, is launching a "We Are the Countervirus" PSA initiative to run on digital out-of-home screens across the globe.  At launch, DPAA has secured commitments to run the campaign from numerous OOH networks in the US and UK. 

Once launched, DPAA expects the initiative to rapidly expand to other European countries, Canada, India and Mexico. By this time next week, organizers predict the campaign will be running on nearly every major OOH network encompassing hundreds of thousands of screens.

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The campaign harnesses the power of digital OOH on a global scale to share information on slowing the spread of COVID-19 by providing actionable, clear steps to flatten the curve.  The campaign also encourages people to “spread" their positive message, reminding the public that this virus takes us to stop infecting us.

(Image credit: DPAA)

Madwell CCO Chris Sojka and DPAA president and CEO Barry Frey struck up a friendship when they met on a plane flight. Recently, they discussed their shared feelings of responsibility to leverage the power of marketing to tackle the pandemic head on. They collectively came up with the idea to use the DPAA platform and partners to host the campaign. 

Madwell and DPAA are hoping the campaign takes on a life of its own with other entities picking it up and spreading the word via social and other media.   

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