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WATCH: Second Story and NanoLumens Celebrate a City with Digital Signage

To mark the opening of a milestone real estate project in Charlotte, Second Story created “Unify”, an atmospheric, generative artwork for an amazing NanoLumens display.
(Image credit: Second Story)

Legacy Union, a 10-acre mixed-use development, is intended to be a community gathering place that pays homage to Charlotte’s past while celebrating the promise of its future. To mark the opening of a milestone real estate project, Second Story created Unify, an atmospheric, generative artwork.

Unify brings the city's story to life on a massive scale in the lobby of the property’s inaugural building using NanoLumens Displays; the project was integrated by Cenero.

Watch the video below to see the installation in action.

According to Second Story, "Its ever-changing swirl of colors reflects the vibrancy of a city where all the right elements are coalescing to form something new and beautiful. Driven by a complex algorithm, the behavior of each pixel influences the others around it—color, movement, and sound recombine in a complex and interconnected dance. The algorithm is a metaphor for community: where we are is part of who we are—we affect, and are affected by, the actions of everyone around us."

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